mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

another thankless day grooming the cat's ass

i'm not sure i should even bother leaving the house.

to start off with my tend to do nothing landlords( which is fine by me- i tend to want to be left alone. if something's broke, i end up fixing it myself anyway.) call the night before to say theyre going to replace the windows- after threatening as such for the last 3 years- so they need to get inside to measure them- at 9 in the fucking morning. they always do this-know about something a month, several years before and call while i'm at work ,10 hours before they want to show up, usually at a time when i should be sleeping. so of course, they actually dont need to get in because their nephew's apartment is exactly the same as mine but i wake up anyway because some sean from somerville is yammering away beneath my window about how they don't need to get into my apartment.

i wouldn't mind new windows. surely, this is a small annoyance at worst but i haven't been sleeping lately because Old Blind 'Co has been marching up and down my body all night long every night for a week. she often just 'stares' at me, which wakes me up. it's my belief this is some sort of Feline Mind Control technique because the bitch is nearly stevie wonder . last night she laid at my head and farted all night. if i wanted this kind of aggravation, i'd date.

i find it hard to toss her out of the room because the poor thing is 20 years old and even if i did shut the door,well, the cats don't let me shut the doors. they won't allow it. any one who's been to my house knows they really don't even want guests behind the closed bathroom door- "what the hell are you doing in there with ms. kitty's litter???!!!! open the damn door- don't piss kitty off..." .harriot' the paw' brown can open most doors anyway and, if not ,persia will yowel and scream in farsi until i OBEY, then she'll stomp off to the living room to sleep.

although i dont know how she's been sleeping with that titanic gross snarl hanging off her ass, carefully hidden by her fluffy chaps. i had to chase her around the house, running with scissors again , and i do not think i got all of it. i think a lion cut is in order but, shaved, she'll issue a call to jihad and some demented OG tabby from the projects will stuff another rat in HAL's pie hole.

i have to get at least one drink tonight...

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