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then, again, should i be wearing Prada...
i took a good look at HAL( the ford focus- most popular car in europe which looks suspiciously like a volkswagon) when scrubbing her grill and decided...


lord help us all, every one....

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have you seen those new VW commercials? if not, I will send you a link :)

no, i haven't seen them. persia doesnt let me watch decadent Crusader TV on her flat screen hi def tv in her pimpin' aint ez playa room!

deutschland in da hus!

fuck!..but they DAREN'T do that to HAL!!!!!( one of the cars they crush is a focus)

oh and ive been watching my favorite french pop song over and over('' c'est comme ca'') on that tube thing-y. when it played on the video the last night at man gay it was one of the things that made me cry.


she was a porn star( fascinating because she has no tits. good luck finding the films- they were bought off the market) and he was in a very campy group with another guy. she can sing though and she still has her voice unlike siouxsie. god, i love les rita mitsouko.

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