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yes, but will the messiah also wear Prada?
'Madonna waits for Messiah

Jerusalem - US pop diva Madonna wants to buy a house in the Israeli town of Rosh Pina, where the ancient Jewish Kabbalah tradition expects the Messiah to appear at the end of the world, a local newspaper reported Friday."


if salvation only depends on location location location, i guess that ill-natured priest was right- i am going to hell.

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I don't know how anyone can take this stuff so calmly. The Messiah is the last person / entity I want to see while alive. This means that everything one knows is about to be turned on its ear, the world is going to end and who the fuck knows what's going to happen to you and everyone around you.

To sit there in your villa sipping cocktails as everything you know unwinds screams serious psychological problems.

She dated Dennis Rodman...doesn't that in it itself indicate psychological problems?:)

she named her son 'Rocco'... that's clearly unbalanced behavior.

" if madonna calls, i'm not here..."

well, afterall, life is a mystery. everyone must stand alone( in their 1 million dollar shack in the holyland.)...

perhaps she has a video shoot planned to coincide with the apocalypse-all those kabbala slaves in that hideous cult she belongs to can be the extras. lord knows she won't have to pay them....

"As Madonna’s professional career continues to decline she sets her sites on new religious heights, within a group critics call a “cult.”

The fading pop icon plunked down almost $6 million dollars to buy a building in London for her spiritual guru Philip Berg, which will add to his growing chain of “Kaballah Centers,” reports The Guardian.

Madonna whose net worth is estimated at about $400 million can easily afford such largesse.

But what about helping out Berg’s virtual “slave labor” known as his “Chevra”?

These “Kaballah Center” workers make chump change serving their master and waiting upon celebrity members like the “Material girl,” when they drop in for a dose of religiosity.

In New York City Chevra pay may run about $30.00 per week and they don’t have health insurance.

Never mind. Madonna doesn’t seem to care.

However, she recently lamented that children’s books are “vapid and vacant and empty.”

But isn’t her new found religious fervor suffering from the same problem? Or is insensitivity to the plight of others a hallmark of religious learning?"-rick ross


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