mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

attention Peets...the competition

and we should note that this cat gets only a cup of kibble a day and weighs 45 pounds and is healthy according to his vet.

personally, i think it's a tabby thing. tabbies just get booty. my alice eats no where near the amount co shovels in and co is an aged super model on crack and al looks like a tabby striped fire hydrant.

people are obsessed with what they cannot control. what they cannot admit they cannot control. you cannot change your genetics and you certainly cant ascertain another persons gene make up just by looking at them. helpful hints about what will work for others and 'their problem' may work for you but are entirely inappropriate for others.

why obsessive behavior equals health just eludes me. dragging a sick mind around is a lot more harmful then some extra pounds.
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