mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

hot rats in a cold world or manifold destiny

so after smelling something a tad off when HAL's heat was on, i opened the hood to find a dead rat roasting on the engine block.

first i was pissed- i thought it smelt like dead rodent-but it wasnt very strong a smell- just enough to be annoying. ive been working so much and getting home in the dark and the damn cold. when i finaiily popped the car open and saw it's little body there i felt kind of sad for it. it was probably trying to get warm-i think it climbed up there after the snow storm.

still- i want my fucking new car smell back, goddamn it. new car with a hint of redneck style rodent isnt the same.

but when confronted with hot stinky rats why not make-dinner?

of maybe persia and her terror cell of ill natured but adorable gal pals put it there a la ' the godfather'. i guess i should feel lucky they put it in HAL and not in my bed. what have a done to offend Her this time?
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