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" But i was considered strange, even by the other drag queens, because i liked rock & roll. We had this party one time, and the drag queens came out and did a Supremes song. i said, 'i don't want to go to one more fucking party where some drag queen comes out and does a fucking Supremes imitation, and if they do i'm gonna fucking strangle her!'

every party you'd go to, some queen would come out and go. ' oooooooh baby love, my baby love....'

So i came out and did janis joplin.

Eventually i left atlanta and got a greyhound bus to NYC"

jayne county in ' please kill me : the uncensored oral history of punk ' by legs mcneil and gillian mccain, recalling being a drag queen in late1960's georgia.

we need gothioke. i need desperately to see and hear a drag queen do siouxsie or, better yet, let's drape a BU goose over someone and they can be bjork....

i need some high fucking camp for fuck's sake.

it's been a long time.

there were plans for ' dueling nicos' wherein yours truly was going to dress up with another as 2 nicos, who would go out and vogue around a bit then beat the shit out of each other at man ray.

but none of you know who NICO was for fuck's sake! she was german- i mean you like that shit- a big blonde monotone sterile nazi- don't you?

every goth bar you'd go to there would be anime whore and a vampire and tid bit of victoriana in lace and a mod in black and mangy animal back pack and i said, 'if one more goth requests whorjobb, or a fucking emo song or pukes diesel grade absinthe down their front while admiring the the laser saber of a Star Wars Storm trooper, i'll strangle them!'

then i came out dressed as an SS officer. and requested marlene dietrich.

eventually i left boston and got on the astral plane to any fucking where else besides planet earth.

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