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(no subject)
so now we're doing the anthony spinazzola event- a charity wine and feed bag black tie fest started by a boston food critic. it's friday and i just found out.


these sorts of things are always seem to be an opportunity for my employer to dress me up in cute outfits and foist me on the public. last time they forced me to wear a french little cap and a FUCKING KERCHIEF. a gay fucking kerchief on moi, mr mittens, who wants to kill any COOK in clogs and a toque and color coordinated chef coat and pants on sight. fortunately i tend to look so damn fetching in these things that someone always manages to give me tons of liquor- the only way i survive, so drunk i don't notice any loss of dignity and self respect.

the theme or should i say the vision for me this time around, when i immediately started squawking about kerchiefs, was to get me a red one " like christopher walken in ' the deer hunter'- yeah that's the look for you...".( seriously... that's a direct quote)

only i would work somewhere that turns a black tie event into 'deer hunter/apocalypse now 'crossed with' xena the warrior princess 'and the martha stewart halloween show..

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(in my best Chavlier)...Every leetle breeze...seems to wheesper Louise....

what i really want to wear is one of those cross chest ammo belts...and i will be wearing the combat boots...

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