mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

it's all about the pussy

nothing does my heart more good then, along with hanging with The Usual Suspects, spending over an hour in the goth klub chatting to a straight man about how cats are superior to humans in every conceivable way. about how we love our cats to the point of killing anyone who would harm them . about how we'd have 100s of them if we could especially if we could save them from their idiot owners who abuse, discard and otherwise mistreat what is clearly a representative of the goddess on this earth.

this is how everyone should behave and think- exactly how persia mohammad persia thinks they should.

this very good boy gets an official p-mo sanctioned " the tyranny of cats is better than the justice of mice' bumper sticker which can only be had by shamelessly fawning over and about Persia and Her Kind.

then when the revolution comes, Sehkmet will know exactly which side he's on...

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