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breck girls
my cats now have more hair care products then i do which makes them:

metro-sexual kitty cats.

'Co has a fur spray that makes her smell like baby powder and this seems to excite the simaese/ragdoll, who spends post -spritzing time sniffing and purring at the ever curmudgeonly ms. co co. i think this is solely because she wants to eat christian babies, dipping stolen communion wafers into their blood. mottle coated fiend.

i refuse to let them go to anything called a spa and they, under no circumstances, are allowed near therapeutic aromas or yoga mats.

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Heh...but they sure are fond of that little ottoman/stool (how appropriate) thingy you have :)

and wow...those ladies will be struttin' in Prada soon enough...

i had to remove.. .the offending object for decon- level 4. i did look around ikea for a substitute but they had no cat ass cleaners- fresh out. apparently scandinavian pussy cats use reindeer pelts...

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