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la peste
" Thus, too ,they came to know the incorrigible sorrow of all prisoners and exiles, which is to live in the company of a memory that serves no purpose. Even the past, of which they though incessantly, had a savor only of regret. For they would have wished to add to it all that they regretted having left undone... And thus there was always something missing form their lives. Hostile to the past, impatient of the present, and cheated of the future, we were much like those whose men's justice, or hatred, forces to live behind bars."

albert camus- the plague

it's not the jews, ok? i am sick the fuck of hearing people i know who would otherwise appear reasonable, bright, and somewhat rational blame the jews for brittany spears, boy groups and the general sad state of the music industry.

it's not that there's not a long christian, honkie history of blaming the jews ,or witches, actually, for any conceivable god or man -made state of discontent . the plague hits- the jews are contaminating the water. you're impotent- some witch has cast a glamour. music sucks and you're prevented from ripping a cd due to copyright control- it's the greedy, damn fucking jews sticking it to you. trust me, us jews and witches aren't interested in sticking anything in you whatsoever. you are PROJECTING. it's time to get over your self- constructed victim status (which you love to conjure up when you're victimizing others , a decidedly age old , lame caucasian parlor trick) and look at some facts. i know facts- the only thing that stands between you and National Socialism- but try to take a few in.

“The great enemy of truth is very often not the lie — deliberate, contrived and dishonest — but the myth — persistent, persuasive and repeated.” JFK

the ever annoying french , who spent the years before even WW1 trying to get rid of their jews before the night and fog of their Vichy collaboration, are hysterically concerned outwardly about preserving their culture and language. only a certain percentage, set by the government( and people in america scream about censorship- you've no idea...), of foreign made films are allowed to be shown at any one time in french cinemas. in fact ,the regulations and subsidies covering french films that are in place are a direct holdover from the Vichy government. that is, they were created and codified by the nazis.

and we're all aware that no matter how well you may speak the french language, if you're clearly not a native speaker, they pretty much want to set your face on fire and will completely ignore you. this in no way halts the french love affair with the most basest representations of american culture. they're fanatical in their devotion to action films a la Rambo( whose name was purposefully based on the the french poet rimbaud's - the pronunciation is the same), any hollywood crap that's number 1(i believe leonardo dicaprio is viewed as a sort of god in france- the' titanic' set all sorts of records there) , american tv shows (the worse the better), jive ass hip hop clothing and mock pimp culture. in this they're no different then most of the world- hatred mixed with envy for what most of us would view not so much as culture but as highly successful and entertaining consumer goods.

i was therefore somewhat shocked to learn that despite all the grandstanding and high pitched whining ,there really is a threat to french and ,indeed, american culture and it is not america. it is not the jews.

it's the goddamn fucking germans. again.

it actually took someone who was around and producing music during the Vichy years to bring it to my attention. charles aznavour started out writing songs for that most french of institutions, edith piaf. there is no equivalent for her in america. oum kalsoum in egypt comes close. she's part of the 'chanson' tradition- street singers ,a sort of french blues, if you will, none of which translates particularly well into english. during the war even the germans were enamored of edith and it's on her tours of german prisoner of war camps that a member of her entourage was involved in the french Resistance's efforts to liberate these people. needless to say, edith's meaning to France capital F cannot be over stated.

aznavour is the first person i heard articulate great concern with certain german companies buying up the publishing rights to french songs. he was attempting to buy as many of these songs himself as possible and to make people aware of where the actual cultural threat lay. people notice an american movie on the big screen or baywatch on the tv but no one was notices quiet, unpublicized transactions involving the rights to a large portion of france's musical heritage and that these rights were transferring out of the country. baywatch may excite french passion and interest- it has no way of siphoning off french heritage. the purchase of actual parts of that heritage does.

many people might be aware that one of the biggest entertainment mergers ever was the union of german company BMG( Bertelsmann AG Music Group) with Sony. they are the 2nd largest music distributor in the world. you should also recall the recent spat of viruses associated with music copyright control was brought to you and your computer via BMG/Sony.

Sony is clearly a japanese company none of whose major players at the parent company are jewish. there are only about 1,000 jews in all of japan-only 0.0008% of the population.

Bertelsmann AG is a massive media giant in it's own right who have been buying up record companies,, publishing rights, newspapers, tv stations, online services including napster, and book publishers (they own doubleday, knopf, random house , pantheon, bantam) for years. here is an eye opening partial list of some of their world wide holdings http://www.ketupa.net/bertelsmann1.htm

Bertelsmann was started as a small publisher of Bibles in the 19th century. bibles and christian literature. i.e. they're not fucking jews. they did not start to grow until they collaborated with the Nazis during WW2 and began producing literature supportive of national socialist objectives. they became the largest publisher for the germany army and operated presses using jewish and slave labor all of which was uncovered by a team hired by Bertelsmann to investigate their past- a popular often, cloudy german pursuit even to this day( Independent Historical Commission-saul friedlander/ norbert frei. their documentation is not available in english and has to be bought from the company.).

the use of the company by the nazi's for the german army means, in case you've dozed off, that they're not fucking jews.

of course, there's a really offensive sight called jewwatch which claims BMG is a jew controlled company only because anything that appears to be taking over the world is part of a zionist plot to crackers and black and arab muslims and other gentile ayn randi-sh tyrants. this is a smoke screen just as it was when the nazis used it as an excuse to murder all of europe's jews while THEY attempted to take over the world. bertelsmann itself admits nazi collaboration, yet jewwatch states the nazi shut them down, of course, because they were jews taking over german culture( through christian, pro-military, pro-Hitler publications? fascinating.). in fact, they were only fined for hoarding paper at the end of the war but ,as usual, the only conceivable way to ride out the rather lame attempts of the allies to prosecute german war crimes was to turn themselves into victims rather than tools of the nazis.

i really had to dig for the information on BMG and my knowledge of the german language is marginal so i was somewhat hindered. i was a little surprised at their nazi-ish past and, frankly, i find it repulsive particularly in light of the way some try to paint them as jews. most of my information was gleaned from sources connected to business management and university business schools, devoid of a social or ethnic concerns. i started poking around 3 months ago and was stunned at the sheer size and variety of their media holdings- books music. literature- the cultural artifacts of other countries-our country, france, europe.

jews represent 1% of the population of france. 2 % of the population of the USA and 0.13% of germans, mostly immigrants from the former soviet union. the myth that they control every ' evil' business on the face of the earth given their near marginal representation in the population is, in fact, a holdover from the middle ages that carries as little truth now as it did then. in the face of christian and muslim societies trying to eradicate them , they have at the least survived as has their distinctive culture which, unlike islam, has assimilated quite nicely across the globe and time . they have rarely ever tried to forcefully convert anyone . they even gave you your alleged saviour- what more do you want?

an overview of those who control bertelsmann AG in germany reveals no jews. 75% of the nonpublic stock is owned by Bertelsmann Stiftung and the Mohn family. the rest is controlled by Groupe Bruxelles Lambert which also owns power concerns in canada associated with the oil minister of saudi arabia, WHO IS NOT A JEW. none of the officers are jewish.

the CEO of Sony/BMG is andrew lack who, i admit, at least looks jewish and was the head of the sony music group before the merger. BMG, the parent company, however, pretty much seems to want to get rid of him and has been pushing sony to do so. not because he is or is not jewish. he's viewed as sucking at the business of running a music company and has been alienating consumers.

i cant say i care much for a company like BMG no matter how or by whom it's run. i think the larger problem with culture- music, films, literature- is stagnation and glut. my cat could pound out a cd's worth of music with her tail,my Mac ,and her crack pipe and be ear deep in bitches and Cristal with Cribs on the phone if someone decides to market it to the masses who ,as always ,are asses with no fucking taste and too much technology at their hands for their own good.

" and the radio is in the hands of such a lot of fools trying to anesthetize the way that you feel..."- elvis costello aka declan mcmanus

people who are musically talented and innovative have given way to people who look and act out a certain way. considering that these looks are decidedly gentile, blond haired and blue eyed who do you really think is trying to control the world?

oh, and by the way- Happy Chanukah! gentile bitches!

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People love looking for excuses to cling onto because as JFK said, the myth is easier to hang onto than to deal with actual reality.

I've come to the firm conclusion that our current state of affairs is due directly as a result of how the brain and mind is constructed. We've all caught ourselves engaging in behavior that's bad for us, and unless we correct it, we continue with it. Such things include overeating, smoking, anything that we consciously know will fuck us up, but we do it anyway because it feels good. Rational thought over basal feeling.

These things spill over everwhere you look; society and the world we've structured is fraught with the results of the above. Instead of surrendering one's stranglehold on a comfortable illusion and risk stepping into the dark, we huddle around the fire even tighter, exchanging knowing glances and mumbling our agreement on the accepted mantra.

Never before has this been more rampant than recently. Terry Schiavo, Oil, Iraq, religion, Intelligent Design. Its possible that we've had this stuff in the pipeline for quite some time, and that it finally belched out over us. It's just annoying to have to go through it yet again. With ID, you had the Scopes trial back in the 20s. I wanted to scream, hey guys, we've been there! What, did you forget?

But then again, we're hunter-gatherers. We consume. We collect. After we discovered that ideas and concepts are just as good as possessions and just as fun to cling to, we look at those who are devoid of our points of view and we hold our ideas up high like shiny, gleaming trophies. You're thinking wrong. No, this is right. Look what I have.

This of course tends to end with something of a headache and an 'Ow. That made me actually think' when reality tends to not jive with the cherished stereotype that was held so dearly. This either causes the individual to go 'Hm. Perhaps I was wrong..and wow, the world's a lot more interesting when I'm not pissing my preconceptions everwhere' or they scream and sink back into the mud furious at having been pulled out of it.

i think technological advances of all sorts have made people lazy physically, emotionally and imtellectually. no longer required to spend all day, everyday struggling to acquire food and shelter and safety, for the most part, an alienation from developing the wits by which to live a healthy, creative. fulfilling life emerges. an alienation from what it is to really feel hunger-to feel need of any sort-people can spend all day in simply the pursuit of satiating increasingly artificial desires rather then necessities or organic promptings.

society enshrines this artificial consumer life and all its isms- from science, politics to religion (which i view as pretty much all the same)-demand conformity rather than self-awareness and free thinking.everyone who doesnt think like one of the isms is evil and a nazi. period. its. the death of a culture- the free fall of a continulal decline people have drugged, fucked, drank ,eaten, and otherwose numbed themselves into accepting.

i was reading a book about the people who were imprisoned and murdered by fidel castro in cuba written by a man who was jailed and tortured for simply having been educated in a priest run school. these men and some women were beat, starved to death, denied medical care, visits and even denied potable water. they wateched their fellow inmates executed before them with no trial. (to this day the ' free world' and the united nations ignores that this still goes on.)

yet they managed to make a radio( using metal in urine as the battery), got together to sate thier desire for edification- they formed a reading group even though they had little access to books besides communist tracts and found ingenious ways to smuggle in books and newspapers.many of them survived for over 25 years under such vicious circumstances. i was in total awe of their ingeniousness, their kindnesses to their fellow prisoners and their will to survive with the things we take so for granted-books, medicine, a warm blanket, food, water.

in the luxury we live in is it so hard to be kind, to accept other people and not demand they be replicas of ourselves? apparently so.

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