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il est ne le "super hero" divin

if you have any tasty snacks that need to be taught a lesson, this is your boy...

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Holy crap...yep...Peets looks like a supermodel in comparison to THAT :)

Obtw...you going to be home for a bit...my mum sent me a bunch of lebanese and Puerto Rican food and I want to share some with ya :)

mmmmm tasty snacks!!! yesss!!!! i have some primo champagne that isnt even in a large plastic bag....and im done with work. im so burnt out ! just say when....

cool beans...let me pack up and I drive over :)

the house is a mess! i havent really been home in a week! those cats-nothing but pooping and raves when im away...im picking up the spent glo-stix now!

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