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ebony club closed! -persian cat without remy martin goes on rampage
where oh where is persai mohammad going to go for her remy martins and to get live with the honeys all to the tune of old skool funk? typical cambridge and where am i going to wash my damn clothes-it's in the same building and they've got it all roped off.

there goes the only ' christmas spirit' in da quasi-ghetto...

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the Man won't even let you do your laundry in peace.

Are they doing something with the building?? I would recommend Belmont for Persia but it is a dry town and seriously lacking in the honeys.

p-mo wont go anywhere lacking in bitches...and belmonts dry? there used to be a wine store on the corner there called violette but maybe that's watertown where i am sure there is plenty (per the name) of firewater.

there was a threatening notice on the building threatening you if you took the notice off the building-not very informative. but the road cones around it had signs on it with something about sewer work. ewww.

they have the best funk jukebox around and you can hear it when you do your wash.i want a fucking washing machine. those cats make lots of laundry-what with all their....dainties!!! and persia's head towels.

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