mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

you know you want it, baby....

dabombe dabombe

this is the ' bombe' ,merely a french word for the form of the cake but we didn't put it on the menu right after 9/11. come on- it's not bomb -boom boom tnt-, ok, and it wasn't a fucking bomb anyway but airplanes. stupidity poising as sensitivity. this is the same company that originally didn't want to put the dulce de leche on the thanksgiving menu because, i guess, they thought it was too spic-y or something. now it's our best selling cake. weren't the spanish here first fucking over the indiginous populations and giving them STDs anyway?

needless to say there's enough liquor in this bad boy for people to be putting on the ' bombe goggles' and screwing ugly ass people at the company christmas party.mmm pour me another 3 fingers of cake and let's get gone.

branided cherries, whip cream , gamache, marble cake, white chocolate ganache.
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