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mitten's seasonal food porn

buche buche

once referred to in a glorious boston accent by one of our ' crack' emloyees as the 'butch da noel'.

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I had a spill Wed. night and apparently fractured my shoulder. So far I am ok...and tonight I will assess whether I can unbury my car with one arm :)

Can I just say how much this sucks..?

Oh and Chris, in an unrelated mishap, sprained his ankle. He is hausbound too...

we'll i'll dig your car out after i do mine. im waiting for these cambridge loser suckass hippies to plow. do you have a shovel? i usually steal geoffrey's but i can take with-he wont care.

i LOATHE the feeling of any sort of helplessness. who does like it but it really rattles me. i had some minor problem with my heel and was having trouble walking and it had me completely freaked i couldnt do the things i usually do. when my back went out and someone had to lift me out of bed..UGH.. i couldnt even bend down and tie my shoes. hate it.

that is what is killing me...

I would rather suffer a metric ton of pain and be able to do what I want instead of being helpless. It is even worse when one lives alone. Major stinko...

Heh, it is the spank hand...but I have learned how to do it with either. :)

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