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mitten's seasonal food porn

buche buche

once referred to in a glorious boston accent by one of our ' crack' emloyees as the 'butch da noel'.

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that is the sissiest looking butch I have ever seen (but it sure looks tasty with those chocolate covered strawberries and what looks like ganache :)

meringue mushrooms, chocolate covered cherries, ganache, chocolate and white chocolate mousse, chocolate cake....spiral cookies for the log ends...

butch de noel.. only if it's my Alice in elf ears and some tights....which she'd never do because that cat is too damn butch for no fairie tights...gggggg

the 'ggggg ' was harriot brown. must be a secret message.

received loud and clear...


oh and mmm...cakey goodness.

she better not be talking about butchy old alice tabby or peets will kick her miniass...dont be messing wit no tabbies...

theyre all over me because i'm home waiting to go to work until after the storm. now they think we have a play date...and i'm the entertainment.

I am hausbound with a broken shoulder....she doesnt know what to make of the sling

oh jeez...honey, what happened? ive been missing you....and wondered why i hadnt seen you on line.( i havent been going out or anything-just working) if you need anything give me a call. im so close to you anyway.

I had a spill Wed. night and apparently fractured my shoulder. So far I am ok...and tonight I will assess whether I can unbury my car with one arm :)

Can I just say how much this sucks..?

Oh and Chris, in an unrelated mishap, sprained his ankle. He is hausbound too...

we'll i'll dig your car out after i do mine. im waiting for these cambridge loser suckass hippies to plow. do you have a shovel? i usually steal geoffrey's but i can take with-he wont care.

i LOATHE the feeling of any sort of helplessness. who does like it but it really rattles me. i had some minor problem with my heel and was having trouble walking and it had me completely freaked i couldnt do the things i usually do. when my back went out and someone had to lift me out of bed..UGH.. i couldnt even bend down and tie my shoes. hate it.

that is what is killing me...

I would rather suffer a metric ton of pain and be able to do what I want instead of being helpless. It is even worse when one lives alone. Major stinko...

Heh, it is the spank hand...but I have learned how to do it with either. :)

peets doesnt know what to do with a sling..you make me laugh! oh ..not THAT kind of sling..

OMG!!!!! it's not the spanking arm most effected , is it? i'll dig the car out and get a police escort to come over and spank that cat's ass if need be.

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