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" Is this for real or is it just another dream"
There's nothing quite like a wet t-shirt contest in Lynn MA to make one really appreciate, yes, and cherish the beauty and sanctity of all life.

And there's nothing like a big old skool dyke fight to bring the delicate perfect dream crashing to earth.

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All in all i find being my cats' concubine highly rewarding .... but i do find the French maid's outfit they make me wear while changing the SacredLitterBox a tad demeaning....

Pigs! Oppressors!

Throw off the shackles of imprisonment! Boycott the changing of the litter! Burn your french maid's uniform!!! Rebel!!

And bring the wrath of the Ineffable Persia Mohammad Persia upon my head?

Don't talk crazy!

Sorry, what was I thinking? I have blasphemed against the almighty Persia Mohammad Persia. Forgive me!

fortunately for you, she can only read classical Arabic and Farsi.....

last time i disobeyed ' she who must be obeyed' she threw up a giant furball on my new comforter....then she dumped a can of coke onto my head off the nightstand, while i was sleeping ...i mean this cat is capable of anything...murder, mayhem, giant white balls of fluff on a black Armani suit....

Ok, the vandalism of the Armani suit is simply not acceptable. That is just wrong. Do whatever you have to do, sacrifice many virgin mice in her name, but get THAT to stop.

Good God, has that cat no respect at all for the important things in life? A hot looking Italian suit is sacred!

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