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"jesus entering from the rear..."
".....f'ing you in the.. asssssss!!!!!"

- the feederz

nothing says xmas like making christmas cookies at 3AM to the sounds of ' jesus entering from the rear' ....

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OMG The Feederz! Now there's a blast from the past...

'tis the season...i had the speakers pumping -too bad no one was here to be annoyed and outraged by it...
i'll never grow up, not me.

I always liked their song "1984"...used to crank it up to piss off my parents!

When I was in 8th grade, our school bus driver would let us give him music cassettes to play over the busted stereo speakers in the bus on the way to and from school. I gave him the "let them eat jellybeans" comp with that song on it. I have such fond memories of hearing "pay to cum" playing over a school bus. So surreal!

" i met a girl nammed nikki i guess you could say she was a sex fiend..."

i think it's hard for people now to realize that , especially in MA, the very name dead kennedys caused great outrage.

in high school, we were allowed to bring records to art class and a group of us would bring david bowie( and the rest of the kids would say -'fag'), early clash( 'fag'), james white and the blacks('fag'), , the kinks('fag') even pink floyd( with syd barret-'fag' , without was apparently ok with them.), sex pistols( english fags...). the rest of america's promising reagan youth would bring in only 2 records everyday-ozzy osbourne( first one i think . this was the early 80s) and neil young rust never sleeps. i mean i love early neil young but they would only play that one song over and over- rust never sleeps- because i think they thought we'd be all nonplussed- 'why yes neil. our music sucks. we see the light now'. i fucking hated high school.

right after high school i went gracefully insane i did a stint in the psych wards.one had a music room that you could control the speakers to play in the dining room(they were kidding-right? who could resist!?). seperated from my beloved record collection, i nevertheless soldiered on and found the most offensive item there-prince's darling nikki'- this was 1984. i woke up at 6am when only the poor old codgers were in the dining room and fired it in there. a lot of dentures must have shot across the room, because 3 attendants came charging into the music room and tackled me even before turning the yowling prince off.

im still in awe of being able to wake up at 6am. ahhh youth. they confiscated prince took away my circle jerks tshirt -apprently the root of the problem. SNORT!

Heh...did that make you any more creative on how you utilised icing?

Nothing like having junior munching on the cookies of Sodom, non?

i did make some of the stars into mendez goats...

" hail satan! hail adrian!"- rosemary's baby

it would seem one has less chance of being molested in the church of satan then in any christian church. we're a wholesome bakery of perdition.

mmmmm homebaked sodomy! nothing says lovin' like sodom from the oven.

The fat man makes you work too hard. Damn it, santa, save some cookies for the kitties!

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