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tips for surly teens and emotional cripples
if you prank call people's answering machines to unload your 'issues' and you have either marbles or the dog's dick in your mouth, no one can understand the brilliancy of your foray into higher primate functioning.

the maniacal laugh at the end was ok but frankly the rest was so much garbled drool. and i cant recall the last time i had an actual troll on my phone-the internet having provided these creatures such fertile nesting ground. let's just say you have been warned: the last time someone left sample- able media in their very own squeaky voice within my grasp i turned it into a house tune known to this day as ' the lesbian-dyke song'....aka 'use primero' .

... and you should hear the things i say to my x-roommates' debt collectors (when i actually answer the call) involving me, their momma and a trained ferret...

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You sure it wasnt an angsty discard of Sylvie's?
She isnt a rag doll for nuthin' :)

hell hath no fury like a troll scorned...

miss sylvie and i sure know what it's like to be ' victims of our own provocative beauty'...

...that or persia threatened the PETA or greenpeace again. ask yourself was it really the french secret service that took down the ' rainbow warrior' or an adorable fluffy mullah of iranian descent?

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