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" it puts the lotion in the basket..."
"ermine furs, adorned, imperious..."

and for fucks sake don't get fired for viewing this wack cat pr0n....


and NO i did not get the hose.. no matter what persia says...

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Fortunately she was in a severe turkey coma when I stopped by.

i'm surprised the freakish little pig didnt demand i put 'the game' ( whatever that is ) on before she keeled over like the Titanic...

Heh..there is another cat butt in that picture :)

the entire 4 hours the turkey was cooking, they all paced in front of the oven door-back and forth- with ayatollah persia mo leading the mewing, screaming and bitch slapping...i think she was 2 seconds from sending a suicide bomber in to blow the door off when out the gobbler came.

that is ms. harriot brown's petite hiney.one thing we have lots of around here is cat ass.

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