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hateful bitch troll
so it's not even thanksgiving and I'm at work every other day until 3AM.

i've told one of our snottiest wholesale clients, who is clearly fucking insane, to fuck off because she's a hateful bitch troll and we make no money on her orders and they are completely annoying to fill. my days of being Sybil's pissboy are soo over.

it's not even december.

people are already asking for christmas desserts. people- it's the middle of fucking november, ok? and i am not making fucking rugelach, jewboy, so blow me . every time i make a jewish holiday menu you all are to cheap to fucking buy it. enough! sorry, it's called christ-mas for a reason, buddy.

listen to me! i'm not even christian and id rather hang with jews then regular old honkies anyway and i'm already at a pitch with all this.

and i'm suppose to come up with a granola bar , like, right now? do i remotely look like a fucking filthy cud chewing hippie? i'm having a hard enough time getting colombians who, are actually lawyers in their own country, to count accurately because between hateful bitch trolls and granola bars and christmas cookies in november i cant do it for them. isn't the first thing you learn in law school how to add up a client's bill? the guys aren't dumb but they want attention and the act all befuddled even though they've been doing the same job for 20 years with the near same exact menu. here i now see the dreaded latino mama's boy syndrome. who knew? the jews and italians clearly don't have a corner on the production of needy useless mollycoddled males clinging to the teet. fucking grow up .

of course when i get mad at them they get all giddy. it's really twisted. the day i heaved a boatload of ruined gingerbread men( burnt beyond recognition then boxed by said momma's ninos as if nothing was wrong) at the wall one by one, hollering ... well they still talk about that even though it was nearly 10 years ago and they still squeal with delight when they recount it.

and ladies, listen , i can only fit one lovely lady cat in my lap at one time...because i'm running out of patience with humans and i'm getting spread real thin but there is always plenty of mr.mittens to go around for the felines. only you must take turns. no fighting ladies please!!!!

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..hey youve given me an idea , a brilliant idea. those cats are always leaving little roughage filled ' treats' for me to scoop...mmmm' miss persia's granola grunties'...bring some to the collective pot luck today!

just call them "wholesome, fresh, cat cookies"...everyone loves the cat cookies.

as we all know nothing is more wholesome than pussy, really.all natural, free ranging, farm fresh...made daily!why would you give youre children anything less?

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