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now that phil spector is killing women instead of producing top ten hits for them, i'm reduced to this sort of nostalgia-buying cd sets of music made right before i was born in which women figured so prominently.

and ,yes ,i know they are largely nameless and were produced by men but many of the songs were written by women- Carol king, jackie deshannon ( she wrote' betty davis eyes' later on but she started writing girl group songs and sometimes singing them . a blonde bombshell, she dated and wrote songs with then session guitarist- for , yes, girlie groups- jimmy page.)and ellie greenwhich who wrote the tuff titty biker chick songs for the shangra-la's(' my boyfriends back','leader of the pack' and one of my favorite songs ever ,'walking in the sand'), even dusty springfield- the women who brought motown to england and changed the music world forever( american music by largely black performers seems to have to go to england first to have any effect on cracker.). she did a lot of covers but she was the one who, importantly, arranged the songs. if there were no girl groups, there would have been no beatles, no rolling stones , both of whom ,when they became famous, shepherded, particularly, black american female vocalists who were offered little recognition in their own country.

marc bolan was married to the woman who did the original version of 'tainted love'.

there would have been no british invasion and, happily, maybe no hippies. but the music, i couldn't do without the music. many of the pop and rock hits that littered the charts through the 60's, 70s and 80s are covers of songs by girl groups slavishly adored by boy musicians.' the first cut is the deepest'.' i'm into something good'( brit invasion cornerstone by herman's hermits),'heard it through the grapevine'( gladys knight's version is better than marvin's and who was listening to the pips...?)the gogo's, the bangles , the pandoras, the B52s, the smiths, elvis costello, ('get happy! 'is a homage to motown , girls and boys. that white boys who bought it didn't get it was due to their musical ignorance and inability to admit they liked something as gay as motown and girl groups. elvis clearly adored them and spent most of his career- the most successful part -trying to write like burt bacharach, the penultimate male writer for girls along with lyricist hal david- 2 of america's greatest pop song craftsmen writing for one of our best female vocalists EVER, dionne warwick. try singing one of those songs she so clearly made her own- the range is startling!), a mass of new wave- even the fucking stranglers- who do a rather accurate cover of 'walk on by'-either depend on girl groups or the british invasion and american garage bands who may not have sung like the girls but attempted to replicate their harmonies( beach boys) and certainly covered their songs. for christ's sake the ramones were trying to sound like the beach boys and blondie- their earliest and best records are filled with girl group songs and sensibilities. 'rip her to shreds' is the 'my boyfriends back' of the 80s.

there would be no disco, no house music and thus no EGM ie electrinik gay music. sometime, somehow many will come to the TRUTH-you're listening to fucking disco, girly old gay dance music. even kurt cobain loved the raincoats and the vaselines.

genya raven who produced the only good dead boys record was in a group called goldie and the gingerbreads who played their own instruments, an oddity at the time. they toured with the stones. she was the goldie( an anglicization of a jewish name)and forever i am in awe of her for demanding that those turdy dead boys take off the fucking swastika's in the studio. like many of the white girl singers she was admired for her very unwhite voice.

patti smith wanted to be ronnie spector. she no way had the pipes for it. phil particularly liked ronnie's voice because she sounded like junkie casualty frankie lyman( 'why do fools fall in love',' i'm not a juvenile delinquent'. nearly soprano boy.)

the influence of girl groups is often ignored, of course, because they represent commercially minded songs sung by girls who have always occupied the lower rung of pop music when the props are being doled out. one of the supremes, a group that at one point had more number one hits than anyone else, died on welfare. only people with a penis can make commercial pap and have it be deemed artistically worthy no matter how much they're doggedly riding the gravy train of mass popularity.

when i was very young, my very favorite song was the chiffon's ' he's so fine'. i thought the lead singer had the most beautiful voice and still do. the siren singing us to our very happy death. it's no wonder i love abba so.

abba, by the way ,wrote 'one night in bangkok'. it's obvious they wrote it- it's a girl group abba song no matter who sings it, but few people realize it i .

people are too busy categorizing rather than listening.

and now, come over to our haus, it's bauhaus....who would be nothing without t-rex and david bowie, both of whom pretty much seem like girls at the least.

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