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das bootie
meat on a stick and spanking some hot bitch's ass- really, what more could you ask for in an evening?

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She was on her perch all passed out from it afterwards.

That hussy :)

well, you know it's worse if theyre not satisfied because then theyre up all night yowling , scratching things and hoisting those hindquarters at you- "it's like, bitch, my hand's gonna fall of if i be spankin' youse any more..

Peets normally will "say" something when she feels that you have spanked insufficiently.

No safe words with her!

'faster ,cat bitch, spank, spank!' starring peets the wonderpouch

hehe...actually, it has been named her "love pooch"...and on occasion, flabalanche..

(Deleted comment)

Re: waxin' literal...

yes- note the family resemblance...cranky bitchface...and the chix with the huge tits are from 'faster pussy cat kill kill' and the tabby is the ass of that hot hunk of pussy-alice' tingles' peabody.

ahh...I KNEW that was Faster Pussycat....was about to ask you about that :) Gotta love Russ Meyer

Re: waxin' literal...

they just dont make titties like that anymore...

he died this past summer.

I know (about the death)

and well, I would be frightened to see what I would look like in one of those uber pointy bras... :)

(Deleted comment)
oh, you know those goth girls-just pretend you think theyre hot and theyre parading around you like drag queens on crack, begging you to smack it and then theyre all up in their carpeted scratching post purring and...uh, wait a minute...

(Deleted comment)
..and some have little 'M''s on their foreheads and stripped tails and..POUCHES!!!!!....

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