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"quel crime, quelle faute ont commis ces enfants sur le sein maternel écrasés et sanglant? Lisbonne,qui n'est plus, eut -elle plus de vices Que londres,Que paris plongés dans les délices? Lisbonne abîmée et l'on danse à Paris"

Voltaire, peut-être

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Since I don't speak much French, I had to put this through the Altavista Translator and it gave me this:

"Which crime, which fault made these crushed children on the maternal and bloody centre? Lisbon, which isn't any more, had - it more defects Than London, Than bets plunged in the delights? Lisbon damaged and one dance in Paris "

...which wasn't a very helpful translation.

sometimes things dont sound right in english- and this was one of those times..it took me god knows long enough to get the right language set on the keyboard and then the lj client wouldn't post it correctly...the french- always so troublesome and i could never type anyway..

poems generally dont translate well and i stutter when i cant figure out what words i'm suppose to be using. i grew up between two languages and now i work in an environment where no one speaks english well. the world is so disjointed but this made sense...but it's not the same in english- the rage of the original doesn't come through...

"And can you then impute a sinful deed/ To babes who on their mothers' bosoms bleed?/ Was then there more vice in fallen Lisbon found/ Than Paris, where voluptuous joys abound?/ Was less debauchery to London known,/ Where opulence luxurious holds her throne?/ Earth lisbon swollows; the light sons of France/ Protract the feast or lead the sprightly danse"

(translation- Smollett)

in the 1750's, Lisbon ws destroyed by an earthquake. at about the same time, the remains of Pompey where just unknowingly being discovered. how people do need to be shaken up. the earth screeches in agony and swallows them whole.

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