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" open the pod bay door, HAL"
lounge act
i havent bought a new car, ive acquired HAL.

the crown vic still had the roll up style windows- even though it had the police interceptor preformance package. the bronco had power windows alright, but 2 of them did not work. i know ive been behind the times but i was shocked at 4:30 AM to be confronted with a beeping, flashing car that armed itself unbidden against intruders .

it locks the doors when you shift into gear. it only activates the passanger air bag if there's a passanger in the seat. it tells you if the gas cap is not in place. i know im sounding like i just rolled in from the backwoods but-i feel like i should be in my sunday-going-to-meeting clothes just to step into the thing.

it doesnt take much for me to think my ride has been pimped although i almost draw the line at the spinning rims.

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crown vic?:)

sweet! what year? and so much for a small car ;)

toot toot ahhhh beep beep

actually that was a reference to my first car-RIP- it was a 1988 crown vic, x- newton detectives' car. that was a great car. i would have bought another one this time around but the gas mileage is about the same as an SUV-20 mpg on the highway.

when people bitch solely about SUVs and gas it really pisses me off. large sedans get about the same gas mielage- around 18 and what about trucks? even the ranger- a very small truck gets worse gas mileage than an SUV and people never bitch about the men, mostly men, who buy huge trucks and dont use them for work. of any sort. the guy upstairs from me had a massive truck and he refused to even use it when they moved. i mean- no one bitches about 15 mpg in some tool's not used for work truck but soccer mom in her SUV is treated like a greedy selfish asshole ruining life for all of us.

that said, i bought a 2005 ford focus hatchback . it's a smallish sedan-sort of. it's a really odd shape- very eurofag. darling.all leather- sorry but i wont be taking ms. kitty for any joy rides unless those paws have teflon booties on them.

Re: toot toot ahhhh beep beep

i actually like the focus hatchback...it was the only ford I have ever considered. Shee-it, now you have all new wheels making mine look like a dented wannabe ...what color and when can I put my "latinas at harvard" sticker on it??:)

Re: toot toot ahhhh beep beep

it's silver. of course i wanted black but being the end of the year the 5 door hatchbacks were thin on the ground and the new year isnt in yet. i test drove a red one- thank god i dont have a red one. too fucking midlife crisis/ girly.

the first year of the focus it was the most recalled car in ford history.now they get awards out the ying yang.2005 had no recalls. the engine base is the same as some one of the frigging volkswagons. and you get options, the mad options. and it's still under a fairly comprehensive warranty. to not have to worry about a car...wow is this how the other half lives?

of course we'll have to find more room on the back for sylvie's " Slice of Rice" sticker, persia's "RIP"( radical islamic pussy), Co's "NARP ( national assoc. of retired pussy)", al's "Got Tabby?" and brown's "NACDLA"( north american cat dog love assoc.).. what no 'Towelheads at Harvard"?


I knows you gonna freestyle pimp me when I move back G.

and it's got da booming system...

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