mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

" open the pod bay door, HAL"

i havent bought a new car, ive acquired HAL.

the crown vic still had the roll up style windows- even though it had the police interceptor preformance package. the bronco had power windows alright, but 2 of them did not work. i know ive been behind the times but i was shocked at 4:30 AM to be confronted with a beeping, flashing car that armed itself unbidden against intruders .

it locks the doors when you shift into gear. it only activates the passanger air bag if there's a passanger in the seat. it tells you if the gas cap is not in place. i know im sounding like i just rolled in from the backwoods but-i feel like i should be in my sunday-going-to-meeting clothes just to step into the thing.

it doesnt take much for me to think my ride has been pimped although i almost draw the line at the spinning rims.
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