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" ...just remember what i told you the day i set you free...."

ain't no mountain high enough...but, baby, we've both changed... i can't give you what you need. i'm seeing a volvo now, although it's purely platonic, and i know i've betrayed you . like the wild mustang, you've got to run free, guzzling gas and dripping oil, unfettered and far away from the hippies of cambridge who loathe you because they don't understand you. not like i do.

some day, as you're driving along and you hear HiNRG or arabic disco coming from another vehicle, think of me, smile,and blow another frigging oil gasket ( which i know you do just for the attention, minx.)

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(Deleted comment)

Re: I forgot about these until now....

whaat did you live near?- i am horrible with what number is what on mASSAve. those preetty well some up what it's still like to live here, although i get a taste of ghetto gangsta shit to spice it up a little.

trust me, i moved here out of dire necessity and because i knew the landlord's nephew, who got me a deal. and it's in a working class black neighborhood( what's left of it. MIT and Harvard are Hoovering up the place.) i never would haave considered being here otherwise. my last place was auctioned off on the sidewalk while i was living there- it was some absent landlord's foreclosed on condo. some ass from hong kong bought it and decided i was his fucking coolie. i escaped from indentured servitude to psychotic asians in violent drunk college honkie OD allston to the loving hemp covered paws of thee people's republik.

ive decided on a ford focus hatchback- made in mexico. vive la revoluccion! i will look like a cross dressing cambridge spic in it but at least it looks weird and no one around here has one when they can by another car thats almost identical in type but costs twice as much-( vw passats-they love that shit in these parts. car companies founded by nonamerican nazis are politically correct whereas cars from american nazis sympathizers-ford- no bueno. bad car.)it gets good gas mileage and i primarily need it for my new commute or as i like to think of it- Deathrace 128 with it's attendent daily Grand Tour of Slummerville.

i can also afford a near new one. ive never had a new car. wow. i guess i am all grown up now.

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