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" mom, can a borrow the Vulva?"
yes, ok, im driving a VOLVO station wagon. finally..at fucking last..i fit in in cambridge. all i need are those 'discrete' gay rainbow swastika pencil thin stickers and maybe a 'redefeat bush' or ' got democracy?' or 'hippies i mean torture- where's the outrage?' crap to decorate it in a socially acceptable manner.

being that close to the ground in a car is unnerving and im not that tall and my head is touching the roof. it's a loud fucking thing too- it sounds like a truck. a foreign truck. but my boss is letting me borrow it and i need to drive to work now as there's been.. yes.. another death in the family.

i cant even begin to go into it.

i'm not made of steel (and it seems like neither is the volvo but they say otherwise).july , the cruelest month, has slipped into august the next maybe almost as cruel a month as july.

so if any of you wee little gothlettes have to go to soccer practice or have a play date at the cemetery just give me a call...

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hey..as long as it is not for grrls...

cuz there is no efficient gas mileage on this planet that will make me buy a mangy furry animal backpack!

(Deleted comment)

Re: my gogglez are too tight on my head...

stop- she gits all bytchi if yah don' usz da qweens engrish.

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