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" mom, can a borrow the Vulva?"
yes, ok, im driving a VOLVO station wagon. finally..at fucking last..i fit in in cambridge. all i need are those 'discrete' gay rainbow swastika pencil thin stickers and maybe a 'redefeat bush' or ' got democracy?' or 'hippies i mean torture- where's the outrage?' crap to decorate it in a socially acceptable manner.

being that close to the ground in a car is unnerving and im not that tall and my head is touching the roof. it's a loud fucking thing too- it sounds like a truck. a foreign truck. but my boss is letting me borrow it and i need to drive to work now as there's been.. yes.. another death in the family.

i cant even begin to go into it.

i'm not made of steel (and it seems like neither is the volvo but they say otherwise).july , the cruelest month, has slipped into august the next maybe almost as cruel a month as july.

so if any of you wee little gothlettes have to go to soccer practice or have a play date at the cemetery just give me a call...

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Re: Swedish meatballs

im certain i wont be pulling nearly half the bitches with a goddamn volvo...bitches are hot for large american trucks colored black and purple. oh yeah and latinos and 15 year old boys are pretty hot for it too...

(Deleted comment)
civics and accords-old ones- are among the most stolen autos in america mostly because puerto ricans find them so attractive and just the right size for their little feet and hands...

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