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don't you fucking look at me
" i want you...to look down and to the left"

tempting the fates in daring to bitch about jello and storm fucking troopers ( who on cue the next night appeared) now all my goggle bashing has been visited on me. right now i can't see and i cant go outside where i am completely blinded by the sun light. im typing this with the font big enough for stevie wonder to goddamn see it. and all because one of those dudes from front 424 gave me my eye exam.

and ..whoa..he had on a long tan skirt. hey, whatever-im in no position to judge something like that.

so now you got to the optomotrist and its like a night at the cybergaygoth club. there's barely any light in the room(i hadnt had sleep or coffee and s/he took away my glasses so i spent the time smacking into things)bad ambient new age music for old lady hippies was playing( until they switched it to motherfucking NPR which nearly sent me screaming out of the office but i couldnt see so finding the door was problematic), the doctor is wearing a massive set of industrial goggles with all sorts of secret ray gun like attachments and instead of the poofy glaucoma machine they now ram a blue glo-stick into your eyeballs ( and they think its better than the poof machine but im certain it was just fetish day at the office.)

i walked home with my eyes shut, wincing and dripping tears and dilation drops. my pupils were the size of giant marbles. people were pulling their kids away from me on the sidewalk. i could see better with my glasses off. that was hours ago and im still having problems.

i have astigmatism that has never been corrected. the last doctor i had was near my work so now that we're moving i found a new one near here. in the 5 years i went to the old doctor i never once had an eye exam by the actual person who's name was on the shingle. even the secretery used to do part of the exam. and it cost about the fucking same. do not use these places- the mall like optomotrist /eyeware chains. for half a decade i could have been seeing better and wasnt because of these tools.it's worth the money to go to an independent practice then if you want buy the contacts or glasses cheaper elsewhere. you were going to spend the money on moonboots, extensions or chronic anyway. spend it on something important.

and dont you fucking look at me. im not an addict and now i know i dont have glaucoma.

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Re: ' we dont know them hos"

hmm...mangy stripes?...

probably polka dots...

nothing like mixing cats..

i will be in black and tabby hair

Re: ' we dont know them hos"

i should have asked the doctor if i could have borrowed those goggles. maybe i can borrow a gas mask from the riot squad on my way past the central square police station-but only if it doesnt obstruct the view of my stuffed animal hair.

mmm tabby aint too shabby... maybe i should ask sylvie if i can wear her vagina tshirt- only for one night.

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