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mice gone wild on the mothership
one day i'll have human emotions. one day i will react. one day i'll have human emotions and i will react...

who am i fooling? if it hasnt happened by now...

what were my parents fucking thinking? when robots mate you get ..other robots.when did they fall to earth ? what fucking planet did they come from? press the eject because i am totally thinking of going all HAL on this shit if the mommy robot does not stop using the ' i will die soon so you better..." program.

for about a year ive been thinking he was recalled. how typical of his asshole french frog family not to tell me. she probably knows and wont tell me. wire it for complete alienation and we'll be on our way.

i know but i cant feel.

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If nothing else, you are human. Do remember this!

i suppose that would be helpful..if it could be proven to be true.

(Deleted comment)

are gothlettes really electric sheep or do they just dream about them?

oh, they can read? how cute. perhaps they do read mary shelly and she's on their side, but they lose ,because the love of philip k.dick is on mine

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