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everybody happy as the dead go home
how many goths do you think know what ' parthenogenesis' is?

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Re: "outside the trains don't run on time"

well they also said that under mussolini and the facsists at least there was a prostitute under evey tree in certain villages.

of course hitler hated communsits but only because he was a socialist.arab terrorists are also primarily socialists although no one ever mentions it. part of islamic code demands a socialistic government, literally.

that first gang of 4 record is great- i wore out my copy when i got it. even human league was good back then(" being boiled"...that didnt last long then they heaved those 2 chickies in there and ruined everything. chicks get in the way of all the male bonding and the recording of power tools on a 4 track. and so new wave was born...)

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Re: “Tanz der Mussolini, unh unh unh!”

that's because no one was doing what DAF were doing...it took over 10 years for anyone to come close. they were tearing a new bung hole and they shared that objective with all death metal.

my bestest friend when i was spinning in the early 90s was a hungarian dj who's parents had fled hungary during the 'velvet revolution'. you eastern block peeps all seem to dig the industrial music. her dad had this amazing sound system and we used to sit around the living room drinking bulls blood and cranking borgesia and kmfdm. real nice people- i lived with them for awhile and her mom stuffed me with delicious food until i thought i'd pop.there was no need to ask them what they thought of communism.

my best friend in high school's dad had been a prisoner in a japanese death camp in the pacific( they were dutch).his twin brother died in the camp.my politics come from observation of documented facts and the experiences directly related from people who have lived under such conditions. the irony when people call me a nazi is that nothing could be further from the truth. my politics stem from a direct hatred of what hitler did to france and how france collaborated with it.

of course the cramps are the fucking coolness because their chick guitar player will hit you over the head with her axe if you fuck with her.that's hot.

ok...so I am one of those who didnt :) However, my mad google skillz found the following which is quite amusing in it its own right.


oh fuck...!!!i liked the bunny on the top of the ambulence but i could do with out the fucking rinpoche quote.hippies should never have been given technology. but they were and still they cant seem to bathe.

see, i knew you were an airhead cybergoth. are you and sylvie planning on getting matching cookie monster dredhonks for friday? adorable!pretend you dont know me when i say hi and youll be all set for the coolness.

sylvie fucking nearly gnawed the top of my head off this morning. you had her all riled up...

heh...she starts it you know...

and yeah..the quote sucks..but otherwise amusing flash animation...I personally liked the bit where the giant person was ettin' all ze nice juicy babies :)

uberdark cyberpussy

oh yeah the animation is great...juicy babies....drool...

i just found this great comic book software-i used it on the cybersylvie pic. i was thinking she could have her one amazingly trendy underground, availible at target, darkwave goth comeek.with the pron in, of course...want to do a cameo?

Re: uberdark cyberpussy

I have a long standing equation I live by:

Me + Film = NO!

not even for Sylvie

Re: uberdark cyberpussy

we can but a black box over your eyes..how about just the hand..???

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