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" head like a 'ho...i'd rather die than give you cointreau"

i'm sure ms. sylvie will come up with a suitably dark haiku for the talent portion of the competition or she'll just fuck the other contestants up in the little goths room with her scary ass kung fu shit.

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WHAT did you do to my girl?:)

i came home and found her like that.


she was all fucked up on absinthe and an over inflated sense of her own coolness and listening to Wolfslime and VD Nation.

i think she's trying to impress you with her frightening goggles and mangy animal dredhonks...

Enquiring minds wanna know if her claws are painted black, though.

Since she seems more cybergoth-ish (as far as cats go) it is probably something UV reactive :)

Big stompy kitty-sized boots are in order, then!

id say fine to that but she'll just stomp all over me with them. and can you imagine thee sheer tonnage of litter that can be displaced with one large moonboot? my apartment's not big enough.

she's hard core- she used my charge card to buy specially crafted metal claw sheaths based on a recently discovered 16th c. transylvanian example.

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