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"Fire in the disco.....
....fire in the Taco Bell......"

Penguins. Rubber sheets. Ice cubes.

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" It's simply that I make whoring as ugly as it is and this is a man's world and theyre not going to have it... Men are the publishers and whatever kills their sexual pleasure is not going to be allowed....."

- Louise Brooks on her refusal to write a truthful autobiography.

How could she go and leave me too many generations ahead and behind?

"I never gave away anything without wishing I had kept it: nor kept anything without wishing i had given it away."

Look what the cat dragged in!

And I was wondering why the scruff of my neck hurt so....now i'll be scattered in chunks around the carpet.

I have found the most perfect affirmations( or are they finger foods?) for your antiparty :

"Let us try homeparty fashionably and have joyful chat with nice fellow. Fujinami's straw will produce you young party happily and exceedingly"

"The sentimental taste is cozy for the heroines in town"

I will attempt to exceedingly find this Fujinami's straw. The feelings will be good.

You are a darling. Yes, bring this interesting treat, and anyone who smaples it will be required to pen a testemonial in the manner of badly translated Japanese. ;)

Be afraid, be very afraid ... and welcome.

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