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wouldn't the prom scene from 'carrie' be more apropos?
do not leave a trail of jello on me..ok. saturday was bad enough with barbie or malibu barbie or whoever the fuck she was grabbing my ass but i just spent an entire sunday doing laundry and mittens is in no fucking mood to go back. now i have to take my jacket to the dry cleaners. mittens does not have a maid. mittens is very bad with the housework.mittens is a goddamn time bomb. do not piss mittens off.

i came late. i wanted to avoid the jello wrestling- really. i know that's hard to believe but i dont want to see any of you wet let alone coated in jello. i dont want to be coated in jello. im sorry if this hurts any feelings but ,afterall , youre the undead dead, it's not like you have any feelings.couldnt have we have just lured a herd of emo kids in there with copies of that ghostbusters song from the 80s and than have just, i dunno, heaved them in a vat of petrol and torched it? that's fucking entertainment. entertain me. do not get jello on my suit. do not make me do extra chores. those cats run me ragged with the chores...scooping, heavy petting, spanking , can opening...i'm but one cat bitch and i cant be stretched any further.

the way i want to see females fight is say... boudica hacking the head off a roman soldier with a big fucking ax. that's sexy. if youre covered with blood because you hacked some rapist's dick off and then blew his head off with a large caliber handgun...please ,i beg you ,rub against me and i will worship you. the day female power is viewed as a real threat and not a goofy, tawdry joke the tables will have turned the wheel have spun back to where it belongs.

it's no joke , you know. the power that tosses you into the world a thousand a second can take you out at an even faster clip, in the space of a moment, in just one breath . under the arc of the sky, she grinds us into the earth, the useless dust she can animate with but a word.set upon by her beasts , dragged down in the depths of her sea, herself, struck by a bolt from the sky, sucked into a split in the earth .

all we seem to do on this earth is destroy. she obliterates .

until then, dont rub jello on me.

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Oh man, oh man! Goff clubs just never change. Yeck.

ok she humped my leg...and i thought i was of the Untouchable caste.....

nope. you're now part of the jello brethren. I only got the spooge of the humping...on my arm (EWW). Chris' pants are now PINK camo

make mine a pink lady

well i suppose you'll be borrowing those camo shorts now....

Re: make mine a pink lady

I can match it to my pink dreds...and mangy animal backpack

Re: make mine a pink lady

don't forget your goggles....

Re: make mine a pink lady

i am not cool enough for fashionable goggles...so i use my swimming ones...and i am about to start a nose plug fashion trend...so hot.

Re: make mine a pink lady

and here i thought i was the ubercool one planning, as i was, on throwing the mangy animal backpack on my head to double as mangy cracker dreds...

Re: make mine a pink lady

then in true animal planet fashion some other mangy backpack can start grooming your head

Re: make mine a pink lady

great ive already been sprayed with their jello scent...do you want my cats to totally toss me out of the herd because i stink of gothic muppet spittle?

persia rules her harem with the firm paw of discipline...im not exactly alpha cat around here, as you know.

Re: make mine a pink lady

neither am I...and I have only ONE cat.

gothic muppet spittle? eww

Re: make mine a pink lady

ours is but to serve at Her/Their satanic majesties request.. however i refuse on principle to shave my eyebrows off when one of them goes the beyond , as the egyptians used to.

Re: make mine a pink lady

nahh...i wouldnt either...because then I would have draw them..and I would be way WAY too tempted to always draw the "angry eyebrows"

Re: make mine a pink lady

you, angry? noooooooo.

id just draw a big M on my forehead with l's on either side so i'd look like a tabby.

(Deleted comment)

" darling come here/spank me on the rear..."

god knows she cant keep her glad hands off my cat's ass......off she goes in some corner of my apartment with miss sylvie right in front of chris....then you hear " spank spank spank" and "squeak squeak squeak"and that's just sylvie spanking jen...

secretly ,i think they're both cybergoths...

Re: " darling come here/spank me on the rear..."

crikey...you saw through my sham and right at my goggles...and the fact that I wear my real hair only to hide the fact that I am wearing fake hair underneath it..

Re: " darling come here/spank me on the rear..."

and your slutty cat started it all by purring at me..
I cannot resist the purrs!

Re: " darling come here/spank me on the rear..."

i warned you- all kitty is hoochie momma...

just wait until i get my hands on that little Petes...that honey chile will be meowing my name...

...oh yeah i'm the mack tabby or is that the tabby mack?

Re: make mine a pink lady

well...my chosen path in life is to fix things...usually broken by asses...so I guess you must be right :)

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