mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

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man smart, manx cat smarter.

last night was night of the black and white cats. everywhere i went on my walk home from work, at whatever ungodly hour it was, there was an ebony and ivory honey of the minx persuasion.

strange cats seem really annoyed when you hiss " damn bitch, you is fine..." between your teeth at them. stuck up pussy!

but that little tailless number was ASKING FOR IT, with his smirky,indignant sneer and cool but cranky air of nonchalance. he didnt even run from me when i came walking up to him -that's how sure he was i wouldnt dare administer some richly deserved and clearly longed for heavy petting.

oh but i can wait. tailless? you'll be legless when i spank that ass...

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