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every decade is halloween.oh.

going to man ray circa 1986. why was it that someone was always taking pictures yet i have hardly any photos from this time? why do i look like jim carroll? why is paisley power? why why why?

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at least you were not sporting the flock of seagulls hair...

and dang if I have any pics of me from 86...when I had ugly too thick bangs...and short hair...

mitten's big bang theory

i do have a theory about this specific time.. it's called the "one big bang theory"- the cultural and spiritual foundations of the mid to late 80's were large , one sided bags sprouting atop trendas across the globe than BANG out came techno and we shaved them all off.

by finally cutting our hair we had had a fucking 'nuff of hippies and their hair and their peace and love shit. STOMP STOMP STOMP went an army of knee high doc martins....sure we're depressed and kind of gay and foppish. now we're depressed and pissed of and surly and hanging out at the men's leather bar. stomp stomp...

it's that 1988-89 summer of love- those peace signs came out again and dayglo and i for one freaked..no fucking way.. NEVER AGAIN ,uncle jerry..stomp stomp stomp. i'll be Greatful when youre Dead stompstompstomp....

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Re: mitten's big bang theory

you know since the man gay is closing and i've been thrown into a state of shock realizing how many years i've been going there(im running out of fingers and toes to count this on...)i tried to dig out some pictures and all i could find was big, although surly and bitter, bang.

soon enough it was all shaved off and out came the combat boots and leather. so yes i had that haircut but i was rather on the thin ,lanky side so no i didnt have the arm definition or the impressive vein.but hey i was no pussy, i could still lift more than my own weight.

im the retard at the company picinic running around screaming with everyone's kids and hanging upside down from the jungle gym. in fact if there was a jungle gym at the man gay i still would hang upside down from it and scream because that's the kind of super cool sophisticate i am.

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i even went to the mangay saturday and the only redeeming quality other than dragging jen and bf to the apartment my cats let me live in and saving them from their traumatic evening, was bouncing around like buckshot in a tin can and stomping on the doltish toads littering the dance floor. so yes i will be out on wed.and i will, as it's the last weds, have to thrash around like a complete retard on speed because i know how much this totally horrifies the gothlettes in their walking semi-comas of near dead chicken arm flapping and 'luuded out girlie twirling .

well i was scrawny back then. lately because of my work i havent had time to lift but that could be rectified by a round of emo bashing-my suggestion for an alternative to mangay closing.nothing like a punching bag to tone up those arms...

as for this:


(i moved it here because i didnt want to piss jen-lo off by filling her journal with all the gay talk-.she could kick our asses, seriously. she almost took out a car full of emo kids...like swatting flies.)

when i re-emrged on the gothlette golightly scene a few years ago, i think they thought i was some willowy little prissy eurofag- until they played some punk rock song and i picked up the nearest emo/electro kid and tossed him across the ceremony dance floor. those milkmaids of doom at the door were aghast and it's been a fast slide into uncool, scary in a bad way outcast among the woebegone consumer created outcasts ever since.

even in the day, it didnt take long for what was then referred to as ' alternative culture'( when the word alternative meant techno/tribal/industrial rather than s/m sex) became driven not by those who created it out of nothing but their need for it but by mass marketed,available at the drop of your mommies charge card marketed and bought consumer identity.

ive met kids who claim to love NIN who have no idea 'pretty hate machine' exists. why am i ever surprised when twinkies dont know who nitzer ebb is or coil? in truth, few people back then knew who they were. ive watched the music movements that drove my youth suddenly become highly saleable. what made them special was that they werent for mass consumption. now im a loser in a scene that's a mockery of all i loved- a mockery and a pale imitation devoid of the passion that makes great music great and moving.

"Maybe I should legitimately become a gay man!"

well, in a manner, ive been living as a gay man by default for about 20 years. it's not so bad and the underwear selection is both interesting and comfortable- a plus in any subculture.

and my cats are head bangers from way back. my mid80s roommate was a heavy metal kid from lynn MA. i'd come home from the gay bar and we'd sit in the kitchen and listen to metallica and megadeath, pounding the table until 6am. i remember him saying- "dude like i think rob halford is like gay..but that's cool..." .


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Re: You're my hero.

well, now ive seen them in black jog bras wrestling in jello....and i could have stayed home and stared at these dumb cats instead.if they were trying to channel the trailer park i just have to say the shirts need to be white and the tits bigger. this ranks up there with the rejects they dragged in dressed as star wars empire fighters in pvc plumbing tubes.

i stopped going out for a while although i really wanted to dance. it's taken only 2 weeks to refreash my memory as to why i had stopped. biitter? im as fucking bitter as they come and age just increases my surliness about such things.i want to dance. i do not want to see grown men dressed as toilet pipes having light saber fights. i do not want to see jello in any form on anyhting or anyone .i do not want to watch losers play video games on a big screen. it's a dance fucking club. when theyre not playing shitty music, the same shitty music over and over ,theyre acting out as the socially inept nerds they are. and i certainly dont want to see them flogged, wearing dippers or with their pasty pimply asses sagging out of some chaps.can we please do what we paid to fucking do-dance?

always having been out, it has never occured to me to try and fit in but to be honest im sick the fuck of playing 'heather's with these people and in case they didnt know im the one who will bring the gun to school- and it wont be filled with blanks.

of course the guys i hung out with were pretty apolitical which was just as well as i seem to rate, oh, neonazi here in cambridge. i have nothing in common with the rainbow flag on suv people and get on with them even worse than with the gothlightlies.

little gaggles of weds. peeps have been going to man ray on sat. as it's closing.j-lo eneded up there because her bfs car broke down on the way to a gig. i stomped on people and a chick who looked like malibu barbie grabbed my ass(snort). that was sat.at least there was no fucking jello.

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