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hands off my hoochie moma ching chong 'ho, bitch!!!!!!
ok WHERE IS MY SIAMESE RAGDOLL????? really..i cant find her and usually she comes out in the kitchen when i get up.

don't think i dont know whats going on here. dont think i cant find out where you live. dont think Persia Mohammad hasn't sent out her death ( by furr) squads combing and shedding all over the entire state....

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OH NO! I swear, I did not take her. Was she there after we left???

" ms. diana ross has left the building.."

yes, i fed them after you guys left but when i got up the rest of the herd chased me into the kitchen , as is their want,and Ms.Asialicious was no where to be seen.

she came out after i posted looking all dazed.

i think she was having a LOVE HANGOVER she dont want to get over...


Re: " ms. diana ross has left the building.."

Aw, I almost thought she ran off to be with me!

Re: " ms. diana ross has left the building.."

that playa done found herself another stop on the booty call train to get off at. my little girl is a hoochie momma!!!!!

persia raised herself up a big ole ho...

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