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make mine a 99

remember the KLF( uh-huh-uh huh)? probably not- in america they were largely know for their fabulous " duet" with tammy wynette. the first time i heard it i was in a car and we nearly drove off the road.

" well they're justified and theyre ancient and the drive an ice cream van..."

"the white room" is one of dance music's great total albums in a world of singles and endless remixes by annoying drum and bass doodlers.djs are half deaf and generally can't dance- they should never be allowed to remix music. except maybe todd terry. ok ,i amend that comment to only black djs who know how to mix chicago style old school house music can remix dance music. or maybe even crackers who actually know where industrial music came from and NO it was not from england or ibiza you fucking hippy rave retreads. black people made it - ok there, i've said it. once again ,when it came to music, the black wo/man had to show you your ass from your rivet studded pin head.

what about all those fucking garbage remixes- a great band that should have been selling dance mixes out the ying yang but they only seemed to have gotten absolute twats with worn out , old versions of Acid to do it. alternative dance culture of all persuasions thrived with the advent of independent house/ industrial/ techno-music largely made by lone producers and djs, played underground. that was over 10 years ago. now it suffers in a morass of stale hiphop, generic house music and how did we ever get through that limp bisccuit swill?

we live in an ipod shuffle world were the concept of a themetic, cohesive album as a piece of work, a beautiful, moving statement has disappeared.

the KLF first appeared on the disco horizon in the late 80s wherein they took the piss out of a slew of mainstream acts- the beatles, led zeppelin and abba, who successfully sued them ,in "1987-what the fuck?" ,all copies of which were ordered destroyed. abba are notorious for allowing no sampling whatsoever even though it would only add to their billions of kroner.

i fucking love abba- as a kid i listened to everyone of their albums over and over , obsessing about their immaculate production values. there is little music that is so well crafted, so seemless, especially from a time where many of the studio devices we take for granted did not exist. if you want to make a successful pop song, take apart one of their songs .and it's hard ,i admit, to find all the tracks- that's how good they were.

KLF stands for kopyright liberation front. although i believe artists should be compensated for their work, more musicians were destroyed by entities like Motown rather than by people sampling records or downloading songs on napster. big companies, particularly shameless in motown's case because it was run by a black man exploiting other black men and women, who were completely and flagrantly abusive to their musicians and artists-making billions off of some of the greatest sessions men ever and allowing them to die in abject poverty- often with not enough money for a tombstone.

to turn legal ire on kids sitting at their computers trading tunes rather than on conglomorates that have a history ,spanning their entire existence , of mistreatment and economic exploitation of the artists they allegedly represent is an outrage few seem willing to see for what it is- an obsfucation of the truth and a shifting of blame onto those without the vast finacial resources to defend themselves in court. we , the consumers of music, are being made to pay for the egregious sins of big business ,who , as usual, get off with the aid of the courts .

the more music is seperated from its abilitiy to become transcendendant- a physical experience that unveils the spiritual- the more it's just like buying a cup of coffee at the 7-11: a rout behavior devoid of passion, interest and color. you don't deeply enjoy it because you're doing to because you feel you have to and what was wanted and aspired to is lost.

music is the tower of babel if enough people desire it to be so. it's not a business. it's a religion.

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