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dead can... be completely fucking annoying

when the dead dont want you to leave, things get ugly.

but perhaps it's my cemetery squirrel ,nutkin ,who set the fire. just to irk me- the minx.

tuesday the drivers were locked out of the bakery, forgot they had to seperate food for 40 stores and showed up 3 hours late. then the lift on the truck broke. deliveries were nearly 5 hours behind.

now we're moving not in august as planned but in july-an entire commissary that's been in the same location for 20 years.

this morning there was an electrical fire in the empty store above the bakery- the entire building was evacuated.

the fire soon led to a flood in entire commissary. and from now compounded personal experience : there is nothing viler and more unnerving then the perpetual lingering scent of soggy post- house/ electrical fire. it permeates your very being and your skin, hair and clothes- even days after the fact. i have yet to get over the fire at my mother's house 2 years ago and i wasnt even there when it happened.

tomorrow- a plague of locusts perhaps? the plague of squirrels and mice apparently didnt work, but was , i admit, very cute.

no one in their right mind is going to rent that nasty space especially after the fire but i'm sorry, i cant stay. other dead people need me.. the dead we call suburban dwellers.

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