mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

honk honk honk

dear little wigger discussing your beloved 8 ball of coke underneath my window this morning,

bitch, shut the fuck up , ok? i've had a migraine for an entire week. i work in a hot ,hot bakery. i can barely sleep at night especially not in this weather . it was so much cooler last night that i thought the cats and i deserved the luxury of a nice breeze from our open window before we stuffed the a/c in there. it was so nice until you started hemming and hawing about your fucking 8 ball and how you scored and how the cops (how dare they !)chased you in back of my apartment and how you hid in the trash blah blah blah. jive ass tool.

and why were you humming " on broadway"?

do you know why TWF no longer has hip hop shows? because of honkey little douche bags like you and your baggy ass pussy-as-gangsta wannabe act. suck persia mohammad's ass with a 1,000 crazy staws.
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