mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

" call me morbid, call me pale..." :" hunted stalked and slain part II"

certainly one of the oddest clues david berkowitz slid out of prison concerned the murder, in California, of a young woman named Arlis Perry.there is no reason for the nyc born and bred ' son of sam' to have ever heard of her vile, unsolved killing- it was never reported in the east coast newspapers, was and still is unsolved, and had occurred years before his arrest. berkowitz was aware of many detailed aspects of this singular crime- he knew the correct spelling of her odd name ,which even the california papers had misspelled, he knew exactly what she looked like- even though the local papers had not published her photo, and he knew particulars about the crime and the violation of her body the police purposely had never revealed to the public .

david berkowitz had met her apparently braggart killer. he implied that this person was involved not only in the son of sam murders but also in the alleged Manson Family killings of the late 60s/early 70s. manson was also a tool, much like david ,only charlie actually was/is insane .the Tate killings were a drug hit-someone (frykowski)was stepping on someone elses MDA selling territory.ironically that is the drug, new at the time, my father helped distribute in the northeast via canada. i hate fucking hippies. nothing covers up a drug deal better than dragging your kid around with you. yes ,mr. mittens was a preteen MDA distribution beard. i still feel dirty. (by the way -father's day is coming up.. fuck you asshole!)

arlis perry was murdered in a church on the campus of stanford university. she was murdered in a fucking church , as if that shouldnt set off occult sirens.she was new to cali, having just arrived from bismarck ,south dakota to be with her new husband ,who was a stanford student. it was the beginning of the fall term. she knew no one bexcept her husband and hadnt been in the area long enough to make friends let alone enemies. no similar crimes occurred in the vacinity, ruling out a ritualistic serial killer. by all apperances, she was purposely led to the church to meet someone she knew FROM SOUTH DAKOTA. berkowitz merely slipped out a terse note- "arlis perry : hunted stalked and slain.followed to california' written in the margin of a book , apropos of nothing. and he knew exactly what had been done to her.

she had been murdered in a campus church on the birthday of aleister crowley. she was found with an ice pick jammed into her skull, an altar candle between her bare breasts and another candle rammed into her vagina. she was posed ritualistically beneath a cross, head toward the altar. personal possessions were removed from her body, probably kept as trophies. none of this was made public.berkowitz knew it all right down to the exact location of the ice pick. he alleges she was a hit-purposesly killed because she had attempted to convert some of the local bismarck/minot satanists to christianity. his little post -it note from prison provided the police with more leads than they had ever obtained through all the years that the arlis perry homicide had been an open, unsolved case .

hunted stalked and slain- is anything more chilling than the hunting of innocent human beings by people with no conscience? is there any human viler than ted bundy, more odious than mass murderers like pol pot, adolph hitler and saddam hussein? currently it's of so cavalier to throw around the adjective ' evil' and the noun ' nazi'. we debase and imperile ourselves through such hyperbole. evil is quite specific. evil is something that ,in the fullness of it's being ,we'd rather not see and acknowledge thus ,out of fear ,we manufacture a false sense of safety from its depredations. like kids with the covers thrown over our heads in bed at night hoping the monster in the closet wont see us because we refuse to look at it, we label the merely disagreeable or contrary to us evil , never knowing that ,deep inside, we think this will make us righteous, this passing of judgement on those we simply dont like. we think we'll be saved or ,at least ,construed as not part of the real thing.

you must be certain of the devil. there's no midground and there's no safety in denial.

when i was a freshman in high school ,a classmate of mine was abducted while riding her bike home from school . she was murdered by a serial killer of the sexual sadist ,organized varitey- the worst of all. she was brutalized , found tied to a tree in freetown state forest. she was specifically bound to the tree alive in such away that when she passed out the weight of her own head strangled her. her name was mary lou arruda. it took over 10 years and numerous trials for the vile evil piece of crap that murdered her to go to jail. there was mistrial after hung jury and appeal after appeal. i cant imagine the torture this was for her family. he had a previous conviction for a near replica abduction of another young girl riding her bike who he also left alive tied to a tree. it took several hearings before the supreme judicial court of MA to allow this fact to be admitted as evidence. it points to MO and the strikingly similar nature of the crimes shouldnt have caused any problem with it being used by the prosecuter.Evil has to have its rights protected though. then we must ' cure' it, even study it.

it's the sort of thing that makes me absolutely crazy with rage. we screech and wail about justice for the accused ,putting justice for the victim, the only real justice, aside. and i should add justice for the victim does not include the persecution of the innocent by asshole cops and stupid prejudiced DAs.what justice was obtained be tossing david berkowitz, who admittedly did pull the trigger on several but not all of the SOS attacks, in the cooler but neglecting to go after the people who masterminded the attacks , pulled the triggers on some of them and went on to kill more people ?

it is easily lost on many that these crimes of which i post- the son of sam killings and the killing of mary lou arruda -are ,specically ,crimes against women. in america, serial killers are largely white males of european descent who target woman, usually , but not always ,of the same race, and sometimes boys.rarely are grown men the targets. SOS fired at the passanger side of cars parked in lovers lanes-always targeting the woman i.e. the long haired one in the passanger seat. in 2 other instances women were gunned down in the street.berkowitz admitted that that was the point- killing women as a sort of sacrifice. when a long haired male (this was the early 70s) was in the passanger side, in the dark, he was still the focus of the attack because they couldnt tell he was the male.

these crimes are not so different in essence. our society is suffused with the idea of female worthlessness and evil. sexuality has become a fetishized, rituaiized hunt for dominance and control. the female has been eradicated from religion, nearly removed from reproduction and blamed for the very fall of ' man'. there are men who rape infants under the age of one. and i mean rape not the many euphemisms with which the press likes to candy coat the rape of children, male and female( 'molestation"). and this doesnt even come close to the over the top degradation and abuse of women in muslim countries. and i thought the goddamn christians and their kissing cousins ,the devil's ass sniffers were bad...

hunted stalked and slain. they call me morbid, they call me pale. i'm immune to love but the truth is my heart is completely broken.

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