mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

"Hunted Stalked and Slain. "

david berkowitz is not the son of sam.

sure, he went to jail as the son of sam because he 'confessed' to being the son of sam but there was never any trial by jury and no consideration of the evidence from any of the crime scenes. in fact, the evidence contradicts much of his scanty, glaringly nonspecific confession. under no court in the land is such an uncorrobarated confession admissable-save in this case where the authorities were anxious to jail 'a suspect' that murdered with impunity, taunted them with letters and evaded several interjuristictional dragnet road blocks.( hints for cops-if you tell the public WHERE the road blocks are ahead of time the suspect can., get this,hit in another borough... you know, avoid you.)

it didnt take much to make the cops look like clowns. indeed, after son of sam, there was a major shakedown of the NYC police departments. victim IDs at several SOS killing sites highly suggest that berkowitz was not the gunman. further, berkowitz handfed the cops evidence implicating himself in an attempt to get arrested well before they showed up at his doorstep. he wanted to remove himself from the group that actually collectively did the son of sam crimes. knowing this group well, he must have figured he was safer in the hands of the police than in the hands of... yes.. the thrill kill cult. his confession is littered with sly hints about how he didn't act alone and how other murders could be attributed to this group. no one cared save a few reporters and, ironically, several DAs in boroughs who didn't have SOS killings occur within their boundries so could do nothing.

fearing for the lives of his family and his own life (snitches get stiches and usually worse in prison) he has made it clear to this day that he did not act alone but can in no way give additional names to prosecuters. he has become- like every other killer in prison- a born- again christian. he has a website. he won't help solve the son of sam crimes but he will show you how jesus saved him.

what is it that jesus would do? would he save himself or would he save others, in the future, from being murdered? the group berowitz was involved with were self- professed satanists, although the ' cult' actually seemed to be more of a mafia- like front for drug dealing, porn and hit men for hire.

satanism is just christianity spelled backwards. it is a purely christian heresy. the wholesale slaughter of innocents is nothing new to christianity- it seems to be a favored method of proselytizing. the entire son of sam cult 'conspiracy' is outlined in the most exacting detail in maury terry's "The ultimate evil".it's a tad hysterical and the author's characterization of pagans and witches as being the same as satanists showcases his ignorance and bent toward sensationalization.

we are not christians therefore we cannot be satanists.

and if you thought being a goth now inspired stares and ridicule -throughout the late 70s and early 80s you were seen as a satanist cat killing gay baby fucker. ok i give them the gay part- goth is kind of gay. but children are gross and they smell like stale milk and i will never ever be able to look at those adults in diapers people without wanting to pull a killer nanny on them.shake shake shake.

berkowitz has come up for parole recently and i will give him this- he personally wrote the governer of ny state and insisted that he never be given parole because he did not deserve to ever be released.someone has some integrity in this whole evil charade and it goes without saying it's brutally ironic that that person happens to be one of the sons of sam.

it's bad enough when the evidence points to someone wrongfully jailed for a brutal crime- they become a victim and the real perp gets off and can potentially continue their vile acts,creating even more victims. when examining the available evidence(much of what little berkowitz has felt safe in letting slip out via discreet channels concerning the crimes has been corroborated by independent sources. he has genuinely seemed hopeful that someone, anyone, will follow his hints and investigate what actually happened not what most conveniently took the matter out of the headlines. ) would led to catching cold blooded killers who have continued to kill and the authorities do not follow, the magnitude of the injustice is incalculable. the cops caught their man, whether it's him or not, and more people lose their lives, their loved ones and their sense of security. the scope of these crimes is chilling. berkowitz was a tool and eventually, a fall guy. the truth is a whole lot scarier and organized and far reaching than a david berkowitz.

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