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play that funky music, sufi boy
sai fon

dervishes at MIT this friday.

"come, come whoever you are/ ours is not a caravan of despair/come even if you have broken your vow a thousand times,come" - rumi

"if i bow to her as is my duty/and if she never returns my salutation/have i just cause for complaint?/lovely women feel no obligation"-ibn el-arabi

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heh...I just started my new job there...(making me the other arab (ok 1/2 arab) to whirl my way through MIT :)

persian issues fatwah against twirling turks

well apparently this is being put on by the turkish students assoc. so persia mohammad persia, who has issued a jihad against turkish angora cats, is having none of it. but fuck that iranian bitch, i'm going to this.

one of last group of dervishes the turkish ministry of culture sent through boston i kind of got to know because they stayed with friends of mine.by the time they left we were lovingly referring to them as " chunky t. and the honkey dervishes" because, afterall, theyre turkomans not arabs.those damn caucasian mountains are right there- typical whitey be spinning around in the mad circles.i'm gonna need sum forty ounces in a paper bag and i'll be good to twirl....

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