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"god sometimes you just don't come through"

in 1983 the vatican hosted a conference concerning the trial they put galileo through nearly 400 years earlier. for claiming the earth goes around the sun, in support of copernicus, the astronomer was imprisoned and charged with the crime of heresy , punishable by death in 1633 . he ended up pleading to a lesser charge and recanting- spending the remainder of his life under house arrest.

although we are none too surprised by the actions of the church under the auspices of the inquisition in the 1600's, perhaps we would find it at least interesting and even annoying that in 1983, upon reviewing their persecution of galileo, the church and then pope john paul II would admit no wrong doing on their part . in the 20th century, after we had been to the fucking moon , the holy catholic church couldn't ' resolve' their 'issues'concerning whether the earth does indeed circle the sun because that would be admitting papal fallibility and would also contradict the statement in the bible to the contrary of the fact of the earth's position in the solar system . and the church that has sanctioned and often times perpetrated the murder of 1,000 if not millions of scientists,heretics, women, witches, jews and other assorted spawns of satan is never wrong.

never one to foolishly give into modernity because of it's higher moral standards and obligations, the roman church at last declared, in 1992, that we are, indeed ,in orbit around the sun.

although this past pope was looked on with a kind of weepy awe because he 'apologized' to the jews for persecuting them and murdering them in heaps for just a few centuries, there was never any apology for all the innocents cast as heretics and tortured, raped and burned to death by one of the western world's most effective and organized terrorist groups .

"hatred of the jews has so often been attributed to their role as money-lenders that it is worth emphasizing how slight the connection really was. the phantasy of the demonic jew existed before the reality of the jewish money- lender, whom indeed it helped to the lateran council of 1215 it was ruled that jews should be debarred from all civil and military functions and from owning land; and these decisions were incorporated into Canon Law "( p.79-norman cohn the pursuit of the millenium)

the greatly loved and respected john paul II has spent a major portion of his papacy shilling for the beatification of the blessed bishop of rome during the second world war- a man who had little to say publically about adolph hitler during the Holocaust even though a portion of christian priests were also fed into said flames. one assumes because gay marriage is ' evil' according to some of the last pronouncements of jp2 ,that who gives a flying crucifix about the homos and lezzies the nazis murdered . it's alleged that pius XII may have had some sort of covert deal with hitler that he'd keep his papal pie hole shut about genocide if 'dolphie-wolphie would keep his panza's out of vatican city.

for the murder of 6 million jews ,adolph hitler was never excommunicated by a church he called his own. in 1943, the jews of rome were rounded up from right in front of saint pius the silent and sent to their deaths. the vatican also aided the butcher of lyon, klaus barbie, in his escape from europe and from prosecution for his crime's against humanity- the human jews of france. fuck, while we're at it- let's make him a saint too.

another pius- pius IX who was beatified under jp2- had a jewish newborn( edgardo mortara) stolen from his also jewish parents who worked at the vatican. he did this to baptize the boy , never returning him to his parents, to save him from being a money grubbing, christ- killing jew. i mean , who wouldn't have, especially a christian saint-2b?

" that any force could burn saint joan of arc and compel galileo to deny his discovery that the earth goes around the sun was a force that represented, as the Cathars said from the beginning, the triumph of the antichrist." (otto friedrich-" the end of the world")

the entire cultural and spiritual legacy of pagan europe as well as a major portion of the amassed knowlege of the ancient greeks was almost completely destroyed by this entity that is still outrageously viewed as both a moral guide post and representing the alleged prince of peace. for nearly 2000 years, this church bears the moral responsibility for fulminating hatred against the jews and women, in particular.

it is important to harness and make note of your own inner demons as it is likewise imperative to see and counter the actions of those outer demons that pose as gods and saints before you.

the card drawn is the Sun-

" beware the deceptions that are practised in the full light of day...and remember that the scorpion, who waits motionless in the sunlight , is also a symbol not only of treachery but of the possibility of self-destruction"(brian innes- the tarot")

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