mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

"shouldn't you have got a couple piercings and decided maybe that you were gay?"

The Major Arcana or When Animals Bunny Hop

mittens: stop pawing at me while i'm asleep.

persia: i have no idea what you're talking about.

mittens: listen, litter toes-i've had enough . i hardly sleep as it is and here you are poking at me through the mist with those talons of yours.

persia: how DARE you question Puss....just because you dream like a hallucinating crack whore.

mittens: i'm convinced it wasn't it dream- it was you and those 'rather- large- for -a- lady- cat' paws of yours...

persia: i could throw up on some expensive piece of electronica-if you'd like....

mittens: suddenly, i'm standing in front a a very large female lion- she's sitting rather high up, like she's on a boulder and i'm on the ground next to her. i'm overwhelmed and scared because i want to keep looking at her and being so close to her but she could kill me. she has huge paws and i can see the long, curled white claws sticking out.

without taking my eyes off her, i try to step slightly aside, hoping ,vainly ,she won't notice. one of those giant paws swipes at me, almost lackadaisically ,with one long hard claw extended completely. she pulls me to her.

persia:" The sweetest kittens have the sharpest claws."

mittens: next she's in back of me with her paws on my shoulder. (in dream time, persia, apparently, you have a couple hundred pounds on me and an inch or two - although i couldn't really tell her height because i was facing the other way.)

persia: in back of you , you say? are you sure it wasn't a penguin? they're like THAT you know...

mittens: no, it was definately huge cat paws and hot cat breath. anyway, she's forcing me to do the bunny hop with her, at least i think it's the bunny hop or we're at a jewish wedding. really , persia.. the bunny hop!

then i wake up and you are right by my head , glaring at me in that arch way you are so fond of sporting AND with one of those mitts of yours poking and poking at me.

persia: see- she likes you! if she didn't , shed rip out your heart and throw it to the flames...well, i mean ,she'll do that anyway but still, she wants to play with you-a good omen.

you act as if i chose this card for you- you have opted to play the fool, you have selected the path- i merely awaken you to your own dream ." the cat sleeps on the shiek's lap and on the prayer carpet is she at home"(Attar)

mittens: "rosebud surrounded by thorns: mother cat carrying babies in the mouth."

" The name of the god who guards you is Cat."( Egyptian Book of the Dead)

pick a card, any card.

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