mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

little hippie, there are no cruelty free soyburgers for you today- only death

i was planning on writing about koko the sign language- using gorilla ( of 'koko's kitty' fame) and her sexual harassment suit( lesbian nipple-gate?) but then some cambridge neohippie put a ' bad car' sticker on my truck.

now there are PLENTY of really expensive SUVs and trucks in my neighborhood- i didn't see any stickers on their cars, only mine. i suppose if i was some rich honkie and owned a shiny, new expensive gas guzzling car monster with a kerry stickers on it and some rainbow crap, i'd be left alone. i have no politically oriented anything on my car but i guess late model american made truck means red neck, tree killing fascist rather than working class person who uses said car in order to make extra money to be able to afford to be able to live in cambridge and cannot afford a newer car.

nor do i want a newer car-i need the truck and like it. i don't feel any need to justify myself to some indignant 20 something twerp-i usually focus on people's intolerance and hypocracy and ,being naturally intolerant and hypocritical by abusing other people's hard earned property, they wouldn't understand anything i had to say anyway. oh so eager to ' be heard' and excersize their ' rights', they feel these rights include the ability to intrude upon and abuse other people's rights . after all, they are right and anyone who disagrees with them is wrong and therefore must submit to listening to them and accepting their violations .

in the language coming out of ideological structure of the post 60s ' liberal' movement , when ' right wing' religious people as much as simply state their beliefs this is portrayed as 'nazi-like' and telling other people with no or differing religious beliefs how to live, yet, these same liberal stalwarts show no shame about using sundry means to attempt to force or harrass or ,more importantly, legislate how other people should live according to their own repressive agenda that they cling to just as self righteously and stubbornly as any zealot evangelical. shades of thomas kuhn's 'theory and structure of scientific revolution.-ideological structures and concepts, whether religious , political, or even scientific are what they are- whether it concerns jesus or evolution or 'ecoterrorism' or the ' big bang'-i don't have to accept your beliefs and subscribe to your paradigm and, contrary to what you may believe, you're just as obnoxious and tyrannical as those who want to ban gay marriage or segregate the races by force, whether literally or through laws.

it's like the snot nosed, screechy bitch who posted oh so indignantly in my journal because i deleted his abuse- the concept of ' freedom of speech' does not include the caveat that i have to listen to you . nor must i submit my thoughts nor legally acquired property for you expressed approval.

i also noticed (i walk- alot)-that no one dared sticker a few streets over- an area bristling with fancy pants SUVs- the projects. please do- pedal your little cracka ass on over and put some stickers on some brother's car- please.

when i pointed out my ' bad car' sticker to a neighbor ,after we cracked up, he asked- 'why?-what does it mean? is it the way you parked?'. i said that i assumed it was because it's a gas guzzling truck. also owning a gas guzzling truck, he opined, 'oh, they touch my car, they're getting a .45 in the face. "

you're lucky i'm far more philosophical about it and have big cans of WD 40.

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