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homo you don't

just as in new york a few years ago, the keepers of a german zoo have found that a majority of their penguins are gay.

besides dna testing( it's nearly impossible to distinguish the gender of most breeds of penguin) how do you tell if your penguin plays for the other team?

he has all of ' color me barbara' by streisand on his ipod.

got beat up in gym class all through school.

accessories do not refer to a helpful, if minor, addition to your car/truck but to those items which complete an attractive , fashionable outfit.

has uttered the words 'modern dance' together in a sentence, in public.

"no wire hangers...EVER!!!!!!"

changes his name from Sparky to Camille upon completion of kindergarten.

a treatment is not an additive to the engine of your car/truck that still has a carberator but something done to a window or your hair.

you know he is male yet he has penguin foot prints ON HIS BACK.

they ended up trying to fly in some swedish sluts to see if ' natural' nature would call- this particular breed of penguin is endangered and they want them to breed. as with humans, you can't prove a falsehood, no matter how many times you try. in some zoos they've tried to manfully seperate the gay couples but this failed miserably as well as striking me as outrageously cruel. penguins pair bound for life , in general. not content with only trying to legislate and interfer with the private lives of other humans, now we can micromanage the secret lives of the animals we've jailed to ostensibly save them from being destroyed by us in the wild.

gay groups in germany went ballistic complaining about trying to force the penguins to conform. and although i think the zoo was wrong, at least they let the whole thing go when the swedes were ignored by the boys. as with the example of PETA and it's sundry activities, i don't seem to remember any such outrage directed at the treatment of human homosexuals by islamic regimes around the world . in fact ,the rage seems to be entirely directed at america for having the audacity to contend that the supression of the human rights of many people- women, minorities, gays, political dissenters- specifically by muslim controlled countries is an abomination that needs to be ended.

"Homosexuality is illegal in most Muslim countries and punishable by death in several. Amnesty International, Homan (an exiled Iranian group) and other human rights groups regularly report shocking abuses and crimes against homosexuals. For example, in April 2001, nine gay men were given prison terms of 4 to 5 years with 2400 to 2600 lashes in Saudi Arabia. Abdul Sami (18) and Bismillah (22) were killed by the Taliban by having a wall toppled on them in 1998. In 2001, 52 men were arrested following a party on a river boat and charged with "immoral behaviour" and "contempt of religion" in Egypt (a supposedly "moderate" Islamic country). Many were given prison sentences with hard labour." (GALHA- gay and lesbian human rights association.)

why is this never in the news? why do you have to search the web with a fine seive to conjure up any stats of countries torturing and killing people- humans -because they are gay? it seems to me i western european and american civil rights champions could spread a little of the overboard attention they paid to abu grabe on government sponsored beheading of lesbians. alternative lifestyle penguins weren't even forced to breed in germany and they still got more press.

"Iran has been particularly enthusiastic in its persecution of homosexuals. Estimates of the numbers of gay and lesbian people this evil regime has murdered range from hundreds to thousands but, as many executions are not public, and bereaved families may cover up the reasons out of shame, the higher estimates are plausible. Those cases that have been publicised include three gay men and two lesbians beheaded in January 1990, and 70 people executed in the early 1980s for trying to set up a lesbian and gay organisation. The Iranian Chief Justice, Morteza Moghtadai, justified the 1990 beheadings by saying, 'The religious punishment for the despicable act of homosexuality is death for both parties.' False, trumped-up charges of homosexuality are also used to suppress political opponents, as happened to Dr Ali Mozaffarian, a Sunni Muslim leader executed in Shiraz in 1992."(GALHA)

BEHEADED- is that clear? their heads were chopped off because and only because they were homosexual. as far as i'm concerned, it's like nazi germany- they deserved what they got ( the fucking public overwhelmingly voted for hitler when he came to power.) fuck dresden ... you killed most of europe's jews... they couldnt have done it alone. silence equals complicity.

you oppose gay marriage in america and you're called hitler. you chop gay heads off and you're...what? ignored? hey, by forcing entire populations to conform to your fascist religious agenda, you're not giving into imperialist american values, man . power to the mullahs!

"Iran is the most zealously homophobic Islamic country. Since 1980, when the fundamentalists came to power under the leadership of Ayatollah Khomeini, over 4,000 lesbians and gay men have been executed, according to estimates by the exiled Iranian homosexual rights group, Homan. "(peter tatchell-the new dark ages)

yeah and the most homophobic are also usually the most fucking gay. the arabs do say that homosexuality was brought about by persians( ie iran).

listen- i can't keep track of persia mohammad persia while i'm at work.if she's spanning the globe in search of penguins to indoctrinate with her gay agenda- what am i suppose to do? i'm not even sure why she wants an army of gay penguins.perhaps the eunich pool isn't what it used to be.

the tatchell article, although nearly 10 years old, is well worth reading. it's still relevant and spot on about what is still going on and being totally ignored by the you recall ever seeing comprehensive reporting about the human rights violations under the taliban in afganistan ? but let a goddamn cartoon bunny be pilloried for visiting some dykes and you never hear the end of it.

"The human rights group found that Egyptian police "routinely torture men suspected of homosexual conduct." The report cites testimonies of victims telling how they were bound, suspended in painful positions, burned with cigarettes or submerged in ice-cold water, and subjected to electroshock on their limbs and genitals. Numerous testimonies in the report accuse Taha Embaby, head of Cairo's Vice Squad, of direct participation in torture." afrol news 1 march 2004

there was no word about whether there were any penguins in any zoo in egypt and, therefore, no information about their sexual orientation. to be sure, you'd hear about it if there were a few queens of the ice floe waddling around but news about human homosexuals being crucified for their sexuality is news not fit to print.

one of the more amusing statements about human rights out of the senior balloon from massachusetts, teddy kennedy, concerned ' water torture' at abu grabe. he bloviated on and on( why oh why do you vote for this asshole year after year???) about how the prisoners subject to this alleged ' torture ' were human beings' ,afterall, and how he would NEVER be involved in such undertakings.

from the eye witness testimony of the diver who removed the body, it's believed that mary jo kopechne could have been alive for up to 2 hours after the car was submerged- breathing the air in the bubble formed inside the car. teddykins spent 14 hours roaming around trying to come up with a cover up story instead of calling on readily available professional rescue services.

that, sir, is torture and murder.the audacity of this pig claiming moral superiority on any issue is a farce. can we have done with this repulsive family and all those who emulate them and their bankrupt 'liberal' politics.

he even has a dog named Splash . i'll call ted's office and see if the dog is gay- that 's real hard hitting reportage.

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