mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

" remove her clothes, give her a hub and say, 'thank you' "

catprin is the ' tailor for cats'. am i missing something here or are japanese cats unusually passive? i've seen these photos floating through emails but devoid of any mention that a cat tailor actually exists and if you break out a few 1,000 yen your pussy can be parading around your house as ' anne of green gables' (i'm scared,very scared to ask how in the fuck they came up with that) or as a duck.

if i even put clothes on persia let alone removed them and gave her a 'hub', id be sent off to her Bitch Re-education camp just outside tehran.

"Look at her profile! It's sort of blockhead but so cute!"

uh yeah- look at the stars waving in front of your blurred vision while you recover from the blood loss that occurs right after you attempt to put that chicken hat on dear kitty's head. it just reminds you that the germans werent the only ones to experiment on humans in barbaric ways during WW2- the catprin has just moved on to experimenting on pets. are these cats drugged? where the hell is PETA? why would anyone want to have tabby look like a frog? if cats werent satan incarnate, i'd say this was the work of the dark one.

"Let her play the leading role in the masterpiece "Anne of Green Gables"! Isn't her coquettish red hair cute? Let's give her a broom and this lady with little red hood , is likely to start cleaning up your room. :-) "

give my cats a broom and they'd be cramming it up the other side of your gable. i dont know which is more disturbing-the thought of the japanese translation of ''anne of green gables' or red haired witch cats with brooms turning me into a newt and forcing me to clean their litter boxes- wearing the catprin anne of green gables wig.

apparently the bunny outfit is the most popular.allegedly phoenicians brought cats to western europe- the epicenter of honkidom. the apes that inhabited britain at the time thought they were rabbits. did i mention persia hates bunnies? did i mention she thinks we're stupid apes? i did have a dream that al,my tabby, was hanging out with bunnies all friendly like. i woke up disturbed, but clearly not as disturbed as someone sewing bunny ears for pet cats to wear. i think the cause of this dream was this fucking cat tailor website. out, satan out!

"Wow! Kind of scary! Am I?"

you said it. youre just lucky persia cant read english or japanese.

of course gender disphoria makes an appearance-

Lady's Package-"A dress for all innocent, graceful lady cat! A very handy costume for party."

the catprin clearly has never been exposed to my ' ladies' humping their cordaroy snake toy or needling some underage gothlette's breasts. they dont call it a cat house for nothing.

Gentleman's Package-"The least that handsome boy needs. A black shirt with a red tie... Perhaps for nice girl "

so, it's ok for the 'nice girl' to wear ties? cant the nice boy cats wear the dress for ' graceful lady cat'? god knows ive seen quite a few male cats a tad light in the paws- mostly the ginger coloured tabbies, it seems. hmmmm...

being any gender is a drag.

it's mentioned over and over how these outfits are velcroed and can be removed easily- as if puss would be using it for her act down at the glass slipper.

as for me i think i'd look fetching in the ' dalmation tippet', although im disturbed at the thought of what a tippet might actually be. the OED says it's a carpet, a hanging tapestry or cloth, a wool garmet for the shoulders or, jocularly, the hangman's noose.

just remember if youre going to dress your cat up as a frog..if the tippet fits your going to be wearing it.

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