mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

fucking and killing children as a metaphor

i'm having a really hard time believing that susan sontag was over 70. " notes on camp"- oh yes. "under the sign of saturn"-mmmmmm. her reaming of the resurrection of leni riefenstahl as artiste- priceless to ram at annoying art fags.

it's just that these age of aquarius people never seemed to grow up politically. and many of them jews too. you'd think they'd know better. but they don't. it's important to remember that the flower power generation elected charles manson 'man of the year'. pass the fucking bong on the left hand side.

it's important to remember that the objective of radical islamists and those who unwittingly, naively deny or indeed support them is exactly the same as the national socialists in germany circa 1939-kill the fucking jews, institute a socialistic phallocentric religion we often refer to as a political system that subjugates women and denies freedom of religious/political expression, and destroy any country who would have things be otherwise.

michael moore, you ignorant slut, terrorism does exist.

saddam meant to bomb israel. the translations of many of his uh 'statements' were highly filtered. anyone fluent in arabic could inform you of the malignant intentions he had. no one lied. the kurds were a run through for the jews and those jew supporters par excellence- americans- just like the mentally ill and physically disabled were a training ground for the SS on their journey to the eradication of the entire jewish and gypsy populations of europe.

although hatred of the jews was a constant in europe for centuries, the destruction of the gypsies is more obviously associated with the fatherland's complete contempt for the female. roma religious lore, although christian, is heavily informed by goddess worship perhaps from one of it's oldest extant sources- india. indeed ceasaro-papism is also heavily informed by said goddess the roma , catholics, particularly in france, retain a close association with the black maria/black sara. the virgin of guadalupe, further , is not western european or jewish.

church officials have even had black maria's painted lily white. so then the populace just steals them.

gypsies tinker for a reason( i don't think we have tinkerers here in america anymore- you can still find them in ireland.)- smithing and metal working is heavily associated with goddess worship.

cats, i should add, love hanging around the smithies- and they know a lot more than we do.

"i am black and i am beautiful"- song of songs. old testament. (yeah and you thought the black panthers came up with that bit of revealing sloganeering)

if god is a black woman- white bread, you are seriously busted, bitch.

the jews are a little more difficult to pin down but one thing is for certain- they are an important link to the ancient goddess worship yahweh was at pains to distract them from. it will require a great deal more research on my part, but i believe it's no accident that the pyres that burned with jews- raging through the middle ages through, indeed, the present - more often than not also smoldered with witches and heretics who more often than not represented ancient spiritualities that did not recognize the sovereignty of 'one true god' and certainly not on the terms of the roman nor protestant churches.

the area we regard now as germany killed more witches than even the popes on a rope long before the 20th century. it's one of the few languages that deemed the 'homeland' a masculine entity in a language that required gender assignment to all nouns.

don't turn your back on mother earth. she will seriously fuck you up. don't turn your back on her daughters because then you seriously fuck yourself up.

i think it was QUITE apparent that the parents of Jonbenet Ramsey did not kill her. it's always been quite apparent save to the news media and the boulder pd who persecuted and tortured these poor people at the time of their greatest loss simply because they were rich. but of course they were rich republicans and that means they are evil.

secular people who are not in law enforcement know nothing about evil. hippies know fuck naught about evil. evil is not someone who's politics don't represent whatever throw back love child on speed communist rant airamerica is spewing out to an audience of perhaps.. several hundred.

evil are people who break into houses, try to kidnap children, can't resist trying to rape them and then kill them in cold blood. evil is barking up the wrong tree because your pride will not let you loose your prejudices in order to follow the most apparent of paths that anyone, including a janitor at quintico, could have pointed out.

evil are people who run countries through rape rooms and murder and ethnic cleansing. evil are people who get oil money kick backs from such countries so they'll turn a blind eye and generate a cyclone of lying invective to cover up their own greed. sure you're ever so glad the holocaust is over but your self righteousness covers up a crime of omission- that similar holocausts are going on this very moment and Haliburton and george bush are not the center of it all.

you are never more important than the truth. truth is not televised with talking heads and overlays and sly editing . truth is dead bodies and mass graves.

some think they can manufacture the truth. the awful truth is ,well, you can't deal with the awful truth because you're too busy rallying round the slogan or the bloated pride of bloated white men or hysterical savage 12c throw back darker men.

human sacrifices in the ancient goddess worshipping world- even slipping into the OT- were always male. thugs. assassins ( sufis). they only killed males. ritually. now we throw our children male and female(children are universally ' disenfranchised' from social power because they are considered part of the feminine world. children have no rights under the american constitution.) to Molach . we heave whole nations of primarily women and children into the flames and yet claim we care soo much about woman and children. supporting this malevolent rage at what was is completely unacceptable. stopping the herding of women into soccer fields and killing them for 'adultery' has to be done BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. sometimes the tool is imperfect and we feel it does not represent us wholly but we and our sensitivities are not the point.

we're on the road and we're gunning for the buddah.

"the queen of the south, such as i saw her in my dreams...crowned with stars, in a turban sparkling with the colors of the foot is on a bridge, the other on a wheel... one hand rests on the highest mountains in the Yemen, the other is stretched out to the heavens holds... the flower of fire... the celestial serpent opens its maw to seize it... the sign of the ram apppears twice in the zodiac, which reflects the face of the queen as in a mirror... she appears crowned with stars ready to save the world..on the peak of the highest mountain in Yemen a wonderful bird is singing in a is the talisman of the new ages ... Leviathan with black wings flies heavily around... beyond the sea there rises another peak on which is written the name Mérovée"- gerard de nerval

nerval hanged himself from a lamp post with that in his pocket. the awful truth is we're the awful truth.

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