mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

let's give ireland back to the snakes.

so i get to go home everyday for the last 2 weeks at 3AM . i do get paid for it all , afterall, but that's really not the one else is expected to do this- certainly not any of the WHITE PEOPLE in management but not anyone else who happens to have children or is 'straight'.

single people without children are the most exploited portion of our legal work force. we pay the most taxes, are expected to pick up the slack when the majority het and /or breeding population has to take their brats to parent teacher conferences or to get their cavities filled. similarily these people get a tax break for said children and i get to not only work any and all hours but must pay their taxes by virtue of the fact i cannot claim dependants.

i am over this- pay for your own fucking kids and their schooling and their health care. you wanted to have them- you pay for them. you don't pay for my cats why the fuck should i not only work for you but pay through my outrageous tax rate for all the government and state sponsored taxbreaks and innitiatives you hoover up for your maladjusted overly coddled future delinquents?

witches shove children in ovens, for christsakes, when we're not selling them into the white slave trade. it's no better treatment than is already doled out by the loving mothers and fathers who routinely beat, abuse and murder their own beloved offspring. that is when your priests arent fucking them.

i never ask anyone at work to do anything i would not do myself. the problem is no one has a work ethic anymore. and don't give me that shit about illegals working so hard and being so exploited. some of them with their illegal/false/stolen SSN go for years paying no taxes, claiming 7-10 dependants that they do not have and then asking if they can only work part time one week so they can take that check and get free care at the expense of the american tax payer who cant afford healthcare but makes toomuch for free care. this shit would never fly in their own half -assed countries with their brutal dictatorships, socialistic taxing principles, and outrageous rates of crime and political violence.

when the IRS busts them- they fly back to whatever hellhole they illegally ' immigrated' from-where their USA dollars by them 10 to 20 times the amounts of their own loser currency.they never pay what they owe and someone like me usually has to fill the space they left vacant.

but america sucks, right? try moving to denmark where its nearly impossible to get a work permit and you are sent to state sponsored language classes where you are required by law to learn danish. no danish as a second language in school i'm afraid.

i am a naturalized citizen. my family did not speak english . they worked in fucking shoe factories in the american northeast- several lost digits and arms in machines that had no safety stops, in a work environment that had few rules to protect employees. they did not bitch, they did not complain, they did not give up their language or culture but required that their children learn and use english in public- or heaven help you . i would have been backhanded for being rude and speaking other than it's expected that i learn spanish for people who have been here over 20 years and are never going back home and refuse to learn english. fuck you - i already know a second language- english. i might as well expect them to speak french- it would be only fair afterall -i am the minority and the minority seems to rule the delicate sensibilities of blue state massachusetts and the people's republik.

i have no fucking sympathy for this whatsoever.the generation that had any inkling of the great promise of this country and the privilage of living here are passing quickly. saved from drowning,some of us - who's families barely survived the holocaust, the potato famine(-in my case both-technically i am a celt..the french , the irish and the scotch are all celts. the french portion is partially jewish.the celts are the american indians of europe.the jews are, well, the jews.), the cultural/ economic flight from english canada(the irish and canadians were the white niggers of new england.the irish were among the first slaves of america... yeah whites were the first slaves on continental north america)- know what we escaped from.the only thing i can perceive that was forced out of us long ago was goddess worship- and that was taken away long before we reached these shores.i've taken that back.but if you landed on those beaches at normandy or marched into auschwitz or belgium- brother, thank you. the yanks are coming and it's an ungrateful, selfish bitch who spits in the face of it's saviour, warts and all.

"in flanders fields the poppies blow......"

i see and feel mud . i'm looking up at the stars- bright white in the sky .the distant sound of misc. machinery and gun fire . something blew up . a truck, a cart, rolls by, ignoring me. dying in a dark ditch of mud in your mouth, oozing ,grabbing you and sucking you down. what and who was saved? hitler was born.

so everyone blows everything off but me- and im left to bring the donation over to the vets shelter because all the store employess left everything a mess and ran home to celebrate the birth of their lord. one would think, because of the tenents of their religion that compells them to recognize this holiday, that they would have to think of those who gave everything and have nothing. fuck that- they have a party to go to. i do not work in the store. i am not a christian. i've run a string of 17 hour days. i don't have clean cat litter. i haul it all over- it would have rotted and no one would have gotten the benefit of the leftover food. these guys are great- ww2 guys and viet nam era junkies and chain smokers- most of them on crutches. they thanked me over and over and i did nothing and they did everything as shown from their missing limbs and destroyed lives. it would have taken 10 minutes to bring this stuff over to them but no one cared to do it . in the land of plenty, no one gives a fuck. hell, they would have been on the clock and paid to haul it but that's not even reason enough. it made me want to shoot someone's leg off- here- now you try to think beyond your self. put your leg, your arm, your soul on the line for people who could give a fuck about you.

so they give me a sugary gift basket from the other american company they own- a coffee concern. the last thing i want after all this are sweet things and coffee you know someone got for free.i dont even think it was meant for me- i rate nigger on the work scale. i just think my boss felt sorry for me while i got pressed through the grinder because of upper management's completely stupid closing of stores a day earlier so i have to pack several days of work into one.and i stress 'i' not because i'm some sort of martyr but because it was literally mittens who made the entire christmas menu- everyone else bugged out and decided they didn't have to come in or stay late. it was ever so slightly annoying to hear people talk about their christmas shopping and their trees- i didnt have time to even food shop the last few weeks. and i wanted to get a tree for the ladies because they like it so . but that's really not so important. what is important is that we should give ireland back to the snakes-

and i'm one of the snakes.

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