mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

animal farm

mr.mittens: since we've no room for the cow , the sheep and the small dog you've requested, i've bought you, instead, this long playing record -" the farm' , actual animal sounds from an actual farm in vermont.

persia mohammad: you are so fucked up...if you don't come across with the real livestock, i'll smote you with the christmas tree- just like in 'female trouble'.

mr. mittens. do we really need to have a time out and aroma therapy? i smell a healing circle! listen- isn't it fabulous? just like being on a real working farm.

the farm:( the farm cat) meww meww meow..

persia: who the fuck is that bitch???!!!!! get out of my territory,whore. OUT...HISSSSSSSSSSSSSS

mittens: persia!

the farm: ( the pig) oink oink oink

harriot brown: wow .. she sounds really hot! hey , baby...

persia: freak! mmmm i smell bacon.....

people order christmas, i.e. holiday, cookies and ask that no christmas trees be included so as not to offend, i suppose. they do not object to the pinecones. they know neither what the pine tree represents nor what the pinecone represents. they ban the unknown and, by definition, have no idea what it means.

yule logs- more popular in france, i must admit ,than here in america, the ' christmas tree', and the pinecone are all ancient pagan symbols of goddess worship. the christians merely assumed their physical forms to gain some foothold among the pagans they sought to win over and subjugate under the oxen yoke of their oppressive religion of female negation.

pine groves where part of the temples of the goddess.cutting down a pine tree was symbolic of the castration of attis- tied up with his birthday -without a father- december 25th. devotees of the goddess used to beat themselves with pinecones in memory of their savior, in subjugation to Her.

a stone chair sits in the vatican has a hole cut in the seat. it is used when a new pope is elected. he sits in said chair and a bishop grabs a quick feel- or is it juts a peek- through the hole to make sure The New Holy Father has balls.

some would say this is because of the erroneous election of a woman to the papacy circa the 900s- the so called pope joan who allegedly was only discovered as being a female when she gave birth in the middle of a papal procession down a roman street. she was burnt at the stake with her child and thus the Homo Ball Grabbing Lazee Pope Recliner was born.

perhaps this is so. perhaps there was a pope joan- concrete historical records of the dark ages are hard to come by and the church are notorious liars when it comes to themselves but, perhaps, also it is so that the cock suckers of the revisionist early papacy wanted to make sure none of the castreted eunich priest of the goddess slipped into their genocidal boys club.

attis was castrated , like his priests and the priests of His Mother. he was crucified on a pine tree. his blood saved the world.

the pine cone is a rather more a contentious christmas item than the xmas tree and the saddess part of it all is that today someone told me- "well you're the only one that knows that."

it's time to give ireland and rome back to the snakes.

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